The Essentials of Being a Biology Intern With Marisa Deininger

A Letter From the Intern:

Hi there! I'm hoping you're visiting this page because you wish to learn about my year as biology intern. If this is not your intention, you are probably in the wrong place... but you're welcome to read anyway :) My name is Marisa Deininger (yes, the intern) and I am a senior at Community School of Davidson High School in Davidson, North Carolina. I am taking an Independent Study course this ye--

WAIT! Pause: Before I go into further detail, let me explain to you what an Independent Study really is. An independent study, defined by my course director, Connie Wessner, is "giv[ing] a student the opprotunity to learn how to guide their own learning and aquir[ing] the skills that go with that. It is relevent to what students will do after they leave highschool when there is not as much structure." She's a genius, I know. At the beginning of the year, I watched a TEDTalk on independent learning that deepened my understanding of my future as an intern. Click that button below and take a look! If you're really feeling it, tag me on twitter @marisadeininger with the hashtags #ISSmatters #ican #icanbug

Wonderful! Now you're caught up and I can continue. I took Advanced Placement Biology as a Junior, which enhanced my love for biological sciences. Wanting to continue my learning, I decided to intern in a freshman/sophomore Biology class for my senior year. Working with underclassmen might have been considered a leap of faith to most people, but I can honestly say I got very lucky and can't imagine working with a better group of students.

(Picture of class)

No, I didn't forget the teachers! Meet Mrs. Kristin Patterson and Mrs. Joanne Steranko: the Superheroes of the biology classroom. Not only have they taught me how to become a better teacher, but have strengthened my knowledge of biology. (I give them credit for basically everything, because, well, they're awesome)

(Picture of teachers)

Alright alright. Enough of the logistical stuff. Now it's time to dive into my year! ATTENTION: PROSPECTIVE FUTURE INTERNS!! Pay close attention to the "Interesting Intern Information" tips here and there. Okay, it's time to go. Let's do this.
Sincerely, your intern, Marisa Deininger

Week 1: A Guide to the Year

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