Monster Hunter: World Review

Monster Hunter: World has been one of the most highly anticipated games of the generation and finally released on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year for players to enjoy.

Monster Hunter: World is the newest installment in the long running Monster Hunter series and is the first completely new game to grace HD consoles (as well as the first console release at all outside of Japan since 2013).

I have played earlier installments of the games on portable systems and was not crazy about them, so I was interested to see if Monster Hunter World would win me over.

Monster Hunter: World is a 3D action/adventure game of sorts, where you wield swords, axes or bow guns to defeat giant monsters, but the focus of the game is more on the hunt.

The game does also have a story to give you some context for your hunts, but it is not very memorable or important; you are a hunter working as part of an expedition to a new continent, and you hunt down and research monsters to aid the colonizing of the continent.

When you accept a mission in the game, you are dropped into a large open area and have to find tracks and other signs of your target to hunt them down before you can battle them. But even then, the hunt is not over: as you fight the monsters will try to escape, o you will continue to have to hunt them, dealing with difficult terrain and other monsters trying to hunt them or you.

Missions will generally take between 10 to 50 minutes depending on how difficult the monster is, and you can play them with up to three other players, either joining the hunt together or sending out an SOS flare to summon help.

In the game you can use 18 different types of weapons to fight over 30 types of monsters across around 5 different areas, with Capcom planning to add new monsters and other content periodically (they recently released a brand-new monster type as free DLC).

Between the many ways to play against the monsters World would seem like it has a lot of content, and it does, but that also depends on how the player feels about farming.

It might sound like the game has a lot of monsters, but you will spend a lot of your time playing the game fighting the same creatures over and over to get materials from them, so you can better fight other monsters over and over to get their materials. This is the core rhythm the game has, and how fun it is depends on the player; Monster Hunter is a very polarizing series.

I am happy to say that the game has transitioned great to the current generation of consoles, from the lush high definition environments without loading screens to the very impressive models of the monsters, but also the accessibility.

Monster Hunter games are known for being hard to get into, but World makes the difficulty curve smoother and makes understanding the various systems in the game a lot easier; the story mode guides you through most of what you need to know. This makes the game a lot more fun at the beginning, since you can jump into the action a lot sooner than past games.

Of course, the most improved aspect of World is the controls; gone are the days of hand cramps from playing on a tiny system, the controls now feel as smooth and functional like any other third person action game or shooter. I personally feel like this has always been one of the series’ bigger hurdles to get over, and I am very happy that it has been improved.

That is not to say the game is without flaws, as it can have long loading times and get a bit blurry during moments of action, especially if you are playing on standard Playstation 4s or XBox Ones.

However these are not faults that severely impact the game in any way, just minor nitpicks. The loading times are also acceptable considering the areas you hunt in are seamless.

My recommendation for the game depends on how much you enjoy or can tolerate grinding; crafting new equipment and seeing much stronger it makes you in hunts with higher ranked monsters is rewarding, but if that is not reward enough there is not much else.

If you need a strong narrative or constantly changing gameplay to enjoy a game I cannot recommend it, however I think it is a very good game and if you enjoy action adventure games, have never tried the series, or even tried an older entry and were not sure, I would highly recommend it.


Dustin Alexander

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