A Four Year Lifetime Bobbi Feller

Every since elementary school I always knew that high school would be the best years of my life. My mom would tell me about how she was the captain of the cheer team, how she got to see every basketball game, how she would stay out all night with her friends, and how she made everlasting memories in just four short years. I guess she forgot to mention how hard the education part of high school is. But nonetheless she was able to realize more about herself through those experiences. When we fully understand ourselves we are then able to become the people we were meant to be all along.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." Colin Powell

Thinking back to elementary school I knew that I was not a fan of school. I was someone who loved to socialize and go outside to play games which is still pretty relevant today. Studying was never easy for me because I would get so distracted by everything and everyone around me that it was impossible for me to focus. This led to the destruction of my test scores. My teachers understood that I could do the homework and in class assignments but saw that my studying habits were lacking. All of the things I practiced in elementary school like not studying followed me throughout middle school and into high school.

Once I got to high school I quickly realized just how important studying is. The SAT and ACT really helped me to see this change that I needed to make. I wish I could say that after that I started studying and working hard for my grades but that just wouldn't be true. Instead my parents sent me to a class every Wednesday to help me learn how to discipline myself into studying. Every week I would regret not making better choices in elementary school because I knew that if I would have studied back then I wouldn't be here now. I retook the SAT and ACT and I saw my score skyrocket because of all the studying I had done for them. In the end it really did pay off.

Noblesville high school is a top preforming district in the state of Indiana. We value academic achievements and innovative learning, but most importantly we value the MillerShift. The Millershift gives students the opportunity to be creative and collaborate with others to apply new ideas to the world around them. This idea is such an amazing way for students to go beyond their own understanding and to really challenge themselves. It helps students to better understand themselves and all the possibilities that they hold. With this kind of understanding students can go out into the community and take what they have learned to positively effect all of us. The Millershift goes beyond Noblesville high school. It goes with the former students who have graduated and taken it upon themselves to share what they have learned with others.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Mahatma Gandhi

Despite having such a hard time in school I can now say that it was all worth it. Through those hard times I was able to better understand myself as a student and how to go about using what I know in college. I have grace for others like me who don't do so well in school for whatever reason that may be. I would never want anybody to feel bad about themselves just because they get a lower test score. You should never have to look down on anyone just to make you feel better about yourself because that can have lasting effects on a person. Realizing all of this has helped my to better understand myself as a student and who I one day hope to become. Because your experiences make you who you are.

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