Parent Advocacy Team

Emily Meschter Early Learning Center is your families’ partner in your child’s start to their educational journey. Our goal is for parents to feel supported in many skills and strategies that they can use in many different situations with their children in and out of the home. We are here to help support and answer questions always. BUT, our Parent Advocacy Team is excited to share and spend time with parents presenting some of our most popular topics on the dates listed above. These partnership workshops will consist of hands on fun and engagement with educational professionals and parents from our community. We will display techniques and helpful tips in ways to support the learning and growing of your child during precious milestones.

Benefits of coming include...

  • Support in parenting
  • Networking with parents and professionals
  • Child care provided
  • Raffle to win family tickets to the Children's Museum
  • Light dinner

Join us for all of the Parent Advocacy Team Workshops:

  • January 16th - Language and Literacy
  • March 19th - Routines
  • May 7th - Child Development

4:00 - 5:30 p.m.