The fishing industry is a huge industry in Canada. It makes a massive amount of money every year, millions of dolllars. IN the year 2015 the canada exported 6 billion dollars worth of fish and sea food. Aquacultre brought in almost 1 billion dollars in GDP which is a crazy amount knowing that this industry is not the largest in Canada. Most of our fish and other aquatic animals are caught on the east coast just on the Atlantic ocean

How do we get this resource and produce it?

Fish and other aquatic animals that our fishing industry captures are all natural resources that we get from our oceans. We sail out too sea on fishing boats which have acres of fishing lines and nets which they toss on to the side of the boat and than wait for a few our and than pull the net back on to the boat and thousands of fish of different species and other sea creatures, than all these fish and sea animals are thrown on to the boat. Soon after they arrive back to the docks they start to ship the fish to the stores were they than start selling them to customers like us and this process continues every single day.

Many Fishing boats at the dock as well as a few fisherman

Current Issues and Problems

Fishing is a job that sustains many people and country's when saying many it means millions of people depend on this job for a lively hood which than boosts the country's economy. But the thing we don't take into consideration is the actual resource we are chasing after the FISH, what we are doing is thinking about ourselves and not the fish. When we throw down gigantic fishing nets which stretch miles and way many tons, we intend to catch a lot of fish but sometimes we catch a bit more than what we need. Also we need to slow down fishing around the time when fishes start mate and produce eggs this is a crucial time period when the next generation of fish start to come and if we slow this down every generation will have fewer fish. In the year 1992 our fishing industry hit a all time low when Canada's primary fish source the cod, went from being a abundance of fish 20 years ago and than went to a near 0 in the year 1992 when the fishing industry started to over fish this species and than there were hardly any to be seen in the ocean so the government started to worry and than they researched more and found out the over fishing caused this problem so they made an statement and rule saying cod can not be fished until they fully recover and their numbers get back to normal. One problem we have is we catch other species that we do not intend

Impacts on humans?

The Fishing industry has a huge impact on people and the country for a few different reasons. This industry is a good and bad for us humans. One good thing is we get many jobs from this industry almost more than 100,000 jobs in Canada because of the fishing industry last year which is a massive amount that helps people sustain themselves with the money they need to survive. A bad thing is that we are also sort of losing jobs in this industry because we are losing the main resource for this industry which is fish due to overfishing. So the fishing industry is a amazing resource to help people thrive but also oe that is soon to be on the brink of collapse.

How can we make this industry more sustainable?

As we know the resource that sustains this industry is going away faster and faster so we need to find a way to sustain this industry. First off we need to find away to stop over fishing, we should start putting out limits on how far and how many fishes each company is allowed to fish. Next off we need to make the fishing nets much smaller due to the fat each net is miles long making it easier to catch fish and a lot of them which lowers the number of fishes. Next we should not only fish for certain species as what happened to the cod when we overfished it nearly went extinct, we should start to fish for different species of fish so the amount balanced. Finally we should start to eat less fish which would help both the fish and humans. This is because the demand for fish would become lower so the company's will start to fish a bit less and than this would balance the amount of fish out.


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