y(OUR) Story 2020 Due to Covid-19, y(OUR) Story is hosting a digital show. We hope you enjoy!

y(OUR) Story is a collaborative production hosted by Wellness and Prevention Services. Through partnering with actors, dancers, painters, poets and other artists, y(our) mental health journey will be shared. This event hopes to inspire those struggling with their mental health to not give up, and to bring conversation about mental health out of the shadows and into the light.

OVERHEATING - Submitted by Sean Flynn

Overheating. Through the smokescreen strobe lights. A green exit sign. Miles away. Inching. One day. Overheating. Almost. One day. A green exit sign. One day. One day

Art Created for Overheating by (in order from left to right, top to bottom): Caroline Gorman, Caroline Gorman, Lorenzo Rivera, Gracie Staiger, Maggie Todd, Creston Morrison

STUFF - Submitted by Anonymous

I’ve been thinking about regret today. The moments I wish I could do over. Apparently there's a lot of them. I see them all playing out from the inside of my garage on a rainy day. The rain hits hard on the pavement as flashes of memory. Each one of them is a time I could have opened up and been vulnerable. But, even if I had the chance to redo these moments, I still don’t think I would. Not because I like the outcome I have now, but because I’m afraid of the unknown. I’m afraid of opening up to someone and I don’t know if it’s ever something I will be able to do. Maybe something in me is broken, but somehow living alone for the rest of my life, as bleak as that seems, isn’t as scary as being vulnerable. It’s nice to dream though. To have courage in my mind.

Art Created for Overheating by (in order from left to right, top to bottom): Logan Lovelace, Tayshah Josey, Callie Gunzenhauser, Sarai Nolasco