Prisoners IsaAc, malchai, trenton

The group that we chose is prisoners who are out of jail. We are talking about the stereotypes of prisoners who just got out of jail and are adjusting to normal life.

All prisoners are guilty of something but some have changed. 32% of prisoners don't go back to jail.

This interview is about the rapper Kevin Gates and how when he went to prison he realized he needed to change his life and now he is rich.

My uncle didn't pay his bills on time and he went to jail for a long time. After he got out of jail he wanted to change his life. Now he is a successful businessman and takes home a good salary. This is relateable to our topic because he adjusted really well and has a great life now and has changed.r

I think you should give a prisoner a chance cause he might actually wanna change his life. There is some good people who are former prisoners that are actually trying to change there life's.


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