Geography culminating task By kaila bourne

My three countries are Greenland (61), Guatemala (97), and Afghanistan (131). My cross section of countries all have different living conditions, starting from very good to extremely bad, all due to the countries facts.

Quality of life, however, is based on the general happiness and contentment of a country, like if they are well taken care of and have good nutrition and have a roof under their heads. Most of the things that are vital to people's survival determine how good their quality of life is.

quality of life is based on the happiness and contentment of a county


#61 on the HDI scale

Greenland is definitely the country with the best quality of life out of my three countries. It has the highest percentages of vital aspects like clean water percentage, education percentage, birth rate, literacy rate, and average income.

Education: 90%, Health Care: 80%, Safe Water: 90%, Birth Rate: 1.98 births per woman, Death Rate: 8 deaths per 1000 population, Average Income: $85, 773 (average household), Life Expectancy: 71.03 years

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#97 on the HDI scale

Guatemala is in the middle of the quality of life scale out of my three countries, with an okay quality of life. They could definitely be better, but they could also do much worse. They generally have all of he things they need in order to survive, but some things could change.

Education: 65%, Health Care: 60%, Safe Water: 75%, Birth Rate: 3.84 births per woman, Death rate: 4.7 deaths per 1000 population, Average income: $2, 740 (average household), Life Expectancy: 71.66 years.


#131 on the HDI scale

Afghanistan has a very poor quality of life, with a lot of things vital to their survival that people don't have, and it is almost constantly a war zone.

Education: 65%, Health Care: 50%, Safe Water: 5%, Birth Rate: 5.14 births per woman, Death Rate: 13.7 deaths per 1000 population, Average income: $410 (per year), Life Expectancy: 60 years

What can we do to help?

What can we do to help these countries?

Because we live in Canada, which is a very privileged country, we could send very many things to other countries that aren't so lucky, like Guatemala and Afghanistan due to the fact that we have so much to spare as a population. I think that what the most vital items that we could send to both Afghanistan and Guatemala is Water purifier tablets, books, and some non-perishable foods.

I think that all three of the things that we could send over would benefit these three countries very well, because the unfortunate, depending how long they can portion out their food and water purifier tablets, will be more healthy than they have probably ever been in their lives, and i feel that would be a benefit to everyone, especially in Guestemala and Afghanistan.

A couple of orginizations that can help with the shipment and providing of these resources are Food Aid, World Trade Orginization (WTO), Oxfam, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Food for Peace, and Adventist Developement and Relief Agency (ADRA)


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