Percy Jackson By: brody

Percy Jackson is about a kid whose dad is a Greek god and at the time the main gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) were not allowed to have kids but they did anyway so they got in a big fight and a war almost started between them but then in this book Percy has to save camp half blood which is a camp for all the people who has at least one parent that is a god but sometimes there are kids with both their parents gods. but on a routine bombing run that Percy and his friend Beckendorf are doing they screw up and get caught and beckendorf gets killed when the ship blows up but since Percy's dad is Poseidon he slips into the water and is safe. when Percy is in the water he finds a hippocampi and helps it get untangled from a fishing net. when he gets back to camp half blood he tells everyone that beckendorf died and everyone starts crying. i would definitely recommend this book to people because there is never a shortage of action. there is also drama, fighting and it can also be classified as a thriller because there is a lot of parts where its creepy yet electrifying. if i had to rate this book i would give it 9/10. there are 5 books in this series but there are a ton of series that branch off of it.Works Cited

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