The Bible vs. Physics The Creation in the Bible vs. The Big Bang Theory

The Creation of the Earth according to the Bible says that God created it in 7 days or one week. the Big bang Theory states that the universe was created in a second. It says that the universe went from the size of a proton to the size of a basketball in microsecond.
creation sciensts claim that the book of Genesis in the bible is true.
The big bang theory is the only genuine explanation of how the universe was created. THe kansas state board of education rejected the idea of evolution as well as the Big bang theory as scientific principles.
The bible says that god created the earth like this: 1st-god made day and night, 2nd- god made the oceans and the sky, 3rd- God made land and the oceans and put plants/trees on the land, 4th- God mad the sun and the moon, 5th- God made the birds fly in the sky, and the 6th, God put animals on the land and made Adam and Eve.
Just like the creation in the bible, there is no theory that exists that can prove for the conditions for the Big bang theory.


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