Advice to their younger selves Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas reflect on their past and give advice.

Samantha Citron

“Hard work pays off and the more you put in, the more you get out,” freshman Samantha Citron said.

Aidan Lapaglia

“If I could give my younger self advice it would be when you have a dream, goal, idea, or aspiration don’t just let it sit in your mind act upon it. Too many ideas and goals are just ideas and goals if you ever want to succeed in life you must take every opportunity to be the best that you possibly can,” freshman Aidan Lapaglia said.

Mariana Diaz

“An advice I would give to my younger self would be to stop caring about what other people think about you and to keep dreaming big,” sophomore Mariana Diaz said.

Dylan Lopatin

“Stay as organized as you can, and no matter what you go through, stay strong and look forward,” sophomore Dylan Lopatin said.

Hannah Leon

“I would tell her not to live in fear of what's going to happen but take the opportunities you are given and run with them,” junior Hannah Leon said.

Bruno De Falco

“What you wanna accomplish you’ll get there, just be patient and constant, if you want it work for it. Everyday do something to make it happen and the days you don’t make up for it,” junior Bruno De Falco said.

Samie Barrack

“Always be kind because there will be no outcome with confrontation, just try and move on,” senior Samie Barrack said.

Brandon Travinski

“I would tell myself to keep my grades up and enjoy high school while it lasts ,cause once it’s over, you’re never getting those four years back,” senior Brandon Travinski said.

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