TEAM SMAC ATTACK Updated Greenville Meet Information

Hot off the press, there's been a few updates to the meet timeline.

  • Updated Show Times
  • FRIDAY - Warm Ups have been pushed up 30min. Show Time: 4:15pm. Meet Start 5:30pm.
  • SATURDAY and SUNDAY - Warm Ups for 13 and older athletes have been pushed back 30min.
  • 12 and Unders Show Time: 7:45am. Meet Start 9am.
  • 13 and Older athletes Show Time: 12:15pm.

Links to the updated psych sheet, an estimated meet timeline, and facility rules and guidelines are below. IMPORTANT NOTE: The parking lot fills quickly - make sure to get there on time.


  • FRIDAY: White Shirt, Pink Cap
  • SATURDAY: Black Shirt, Black Cap
  • SUNDAY: TANK TOP!! (or pink shirt) Pink Cap
  • SUITS: SMAC Team Suits


As this is our first meet of the season, just a friendly reminder of our Swim Meet Guidelines.

  • All SMAC athletes are to treat all teammates, opponents, officials, parents, timers, and meet representatives with the highest level of respect. SMAC swimmers are to be known for their sportsmanship, proper meet and practice etiquette, and leadership.
  • Please arrive early. If you are running late, please notify a coach via text. Late athletes are subject to being scratched from the session.There are no refunds for scratched events.
  • Wear the correct team gear for the duration of the competition. We swim for SMAC, not UF, Nike, the Panthers, or something else. Wear the team gear.
  • All SMAC athletes are expected and required to compete in every event in which they are entered, unless decided otherwise by the coach. Athletes will not always compete in their favorite events - learning to overcome mental and physical obstacles that surround "weak events" is vital to the future success of an athlete.
  • Coaches coach. Athletes swim. Parents parent. Decisions at the meet concerning meet and team related issues are for the coaches to make.
  • Electronics should be used at a minimum, mainly for music.
  • Unless otherwise directed by a coach, athletes are to stay until the last SMAC swimmer has finished their last race.
  • Parents - CHEER! BE LOUD!!
  • Have fun and race hard!
  • If you have any more questions, consult a coach or the Code of Conduct in the SMAC Parent Handbook found under the documents tab on the team website.

It promises to be a great weekend! LET'S GET PUMPED AND READY TO SWIM!

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