TEAM GGWP Design Fundamentals Final Project - The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

This project is my Design Fundamentals final project. The Design Fundamentals class explores the principles of design and introduced me to the creative process. In an interest to express my desire to create content that relates to my interests in competitive video games and e-sports competition, I created a flier for a fictional school's video game club. My goals in this design was to create a flier that could easily attraction attention from viewers and provide subject matter that could help relay the concept of PC video games and competitive organized play for them.

The first part of creating this project was creating a variety of concept thumbnails.
The next step was to create a variety of text headers to help describe the contents of the flier. I experimented with a variety of fonts that I felt help capture the concept of competitive video games.
After testing the various headers, I selected a font that primarily uses the Onky-Italic typeface.

The next step was creating an effective color scheme to help capture attention and bring emotion and life to the composition. Additional details were also added including providing a detailed background and additional characters to help show that the video game club is a group activity.

Red Monochromatic Color Scheme

Triad Color Scheme

Warm Analogous Color Scheme

Complimentary Color Scheme

After selected the Triad scheme as my chosen color scheme, final details where made to perfect the design. This included refining the background design, minor design changes, and making key color adjustments to create variety and balance.

The finalized design for this project.

Instructor's Feedback: "...it was great to have you in class! You really put in the time and effort and it shows in your work! That plus your positive attitude will serve you well and I have no doubt you'll succeed at whatever you put your mind to!" - David Hebb

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Craig Simpson

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