York Ice Trail 2021 Sponsorship Pack

Following the hugely successful event in 2019 & 2020, we are pleased to announce the next York Ice Trail will take place on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th February 2021

Never seen the York Ice Trail? Check out the video below to give you a flavour of what you are missing.

We welcomed over 17,000 visitors to York City Centre on Saturday 1st & 2nd February 20 to explore our stunning city and lookout for 40 magnificent ice sculptures, creating for the second year running The Largest Outdoor Ice Trail in the UK! We hope to continue this for 2021.

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Examples of previous York Ice Trail Sculptures

The York Ice Trail exists to:

  • Create a free event that attracts a large audience to the city, appealing to York Resident's, Students and Visitors
  • Move the audience around the city to areas of York they may never have been/ experienced before
  • Boost the local economy through spending in local businesses
  • Encourage repeat visits to the city after the event.

Being part of York Ice Trail is not only fun & creative, but can also increase footfall to your business guaranteeing a large audience for you to engage with. If you are looking for a different marketing opportunity that attracts thousands, this is the event for you.

Sculpture Sponsorship 2021

If your business would like to join the trail please check out the sponsorship packages available below. We have four packages for you to choose from; Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The only difference between the packages is the size/ detail of the sculpture you choose. We work with you to help choose the right sculpture and ensure you get the most out of taking part.

2021 Theme: Around the World

Take a trip around the world, exploring the many wonders in our amazing planet. Experience the many cultures and traditions and become the ultimate explorer!

All packages include:

  • A choice of stunning Ice Sculpture design. Two identical bespoke sculptures are made, allowing a fresh sculpture to be available for each day of the trail no matter the weather!*
  • Your company logo contained within the sculpture base
  • The sculpture can be positioned in a location useful to your business*
  • Inclusion in over 40,000 printed York Ice Trail maps. These will be distributed at the Visitor Information Centre, York Park and Rides, Railway Station, Coach parks and businesses within the city. As well as digitally on the visityork.org website
  • You will be included as a sculpture sponsor in all our promotional activity for the event, including social media
  • New for 2021 - Unique opportunity. All sculptures must have at least 1 member of staff with them each day from your business. This is guaranteed engagement with an interested audience to talk about your business. This also includes an opportunity to build a promotion or offer around the sculpture. For example to increase your social media followers, sign ups to a newsletter, increase footfall on the day to your business or run a competition.

* Final decisions on all designs and placements will be made by the discretion of the Make It York team. All sculptures will be placed on raised pallets at ground level, unless specified.

We have just 40 places available for the York Ice Trail 2021. They are filled on a first come first serve basis. Get in touch today to reserve your place and avoid disappointment.

Bronze Package £2,000+ vat

For the bronze package, you would receive an ice sculpture carved from one block of ice and displayed on an ice base with your logo inside. For these sculptures, one solid block of ice is used and do not need sections of ice to be fused together. This is the standard/ most popular sculpture package in the trail.

Examples of Bronze Package Sculptures. One block of ice 1m x 50cm x 25cm. One day to be created.

Silver Package £2,500+vat

For the Silver Package, sculptures would be made fusing multiple sections of ice together to create a more complex ice sculpture. These sculptures will be larger and take twice as long to create than the Bronze package sculptures. Silver sculptures will be heavy on detail, creating something even more impressive in detail, as well as size.

Examples of Silver Package Sculptures. 2 blocks of ice, 2 days to create. (One block of ice 1m x 50cm x 25cm)

Gold Package £3,000+vat

For the Gold Package, almost half a tonne of ice is used to create something truly breath taking. These sculptures are much larger than both the Silver and Bronze packages. One of these huge sculptures will take two sculptors 2 to 3 days in a freezer to create. If you’re looking for something huge and detail orientated the Gold package is for you. These pieces will be approx. 1m wide x 2m tall.

We can only accommodate 1 Gold Sculpture, please check for availability.

Examples of Gold Sculptures. 4 blocks of ice, 2-3 days to create. (One block of ice 1m x 50cm x 25cm)

We work closely with all sponsors to ensure we do not have duplicate or similar sculptures in the trail. Items can be placed inside, photo opportunities created - almost anything is possible! We love to create a wide variety of sculptures that the public enjoy.

New - Themed Area Opportunity

We have an opportunity for one additional themed area on the trail. We have seen a huge success at Middleton's York over the past two years. This is an opportunity to pull out all the stops, and go that extra mile. If you are looking to increase your business visibility, engagement and have a suitable outdoor space - talk to us today about being a Themed Area. To be considered as a themed area you would need to have a minimum of 3 sculptures, commit to added something extra to the trail and visitor experience. You are welcome to include additional paid for activity as well as free activities. By having a Themed Area you will receive a dedicated pull out on the inside of the Ice Trail Map, and additional inclusion in PR. Guaranteeing footfall into your business. Please get in touch by November 2020 in order to be considered.

Magical Middletons in 2020

What ice sculpture would you have?

If you are interested in being involved in the York Ice Trail 2021 or have any questions please get in touch:

Faye Davis

Partnerships Manager, Make It York


01904 554620 / 07525 737759

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