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In 1524 is New York in map brought. That came by an english man Henry Hudson in service for the Dutch VOC. Giovanni de Verrazzano detected New York first when there lenape indians lived. Later they brought it together in map. In 1624 founded a protestant family a first colony in Manhattan. Later there came more colonies. Something important in the history of New York is, an important event what for New york more famous is befall. What happened is by the Twin Towers. The highest buildings in the world. But then at 11 september 2001, Flew two planes straight in at the towers. There dropped 2750 dead persons. It was a dramatic event, that always in our history reminded get.

The boroughs:

New York is divided in 5 boroughs. That are: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. Manhattan is the most famous of this boroughs and have the highest density of population. In Manhattan is Central Park and there are a lot of skyscrapers. You can divide Manhattan in: Lower, Midtown and Upper Manhattan. Manhattan is 87,5k㎡ and has 1.620.867 inhabits. Brooklyn has the most inhabitants. There is a long seaside. Brooklyn is 251k㎡ and has 2.565.635 inhabits. The Bronx is known for birthplace of the rap and hip hop culture. Brooklyn has 2.565.635 inhabits and is 149k㎡. Queens is the most diverse borough off all the boroughs in the United States. Originally is Queens a collection villages edified by Dutch people. In Queens are two big airports: LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport. Queens is 462k㎡ and has 2.296.175 inhabits. Staten Island is the borough with the least inhabits. Also is the furthest from the centrum. Staten Island has 487.407 inhabitants and is 265k㎡.


There are 8,008,278 inhabitants in New York. On the beginning, the growth very slow. New york is the city with the most inhabitants of all the cities in the United States. The people in New York are very busy. They are on the right track with it milieu. They don’t believe all in the same god it’s very diverse. It’s a very important place for immigrants from all over the world. 36% from all the inhabitants in the United State is born outside the United States. There is not much criminality. There are a lot of tourists in New York. There are 594.000 students in the city New York, but it isn’t a student city. The most people are living in boroughs. About 1 million New Yorkers lives of assistance. At least an equal number of is unemployed. In the slums, the unemployed percentage often about 50% or more.


There are a lot of buildings in New York. Empire State Building, New York City is a 381 metres high skyscraper in New York City. The name comes from the nickname of New York: the Empire State. After the destruction of the World Trade Center as a result of the september 11, 2001 attacks, was the Empire State building once again the tallest building in New York. [4] that remained so until 30 april 2012 the still under construction being One World Trade Center took over this position. World Trade Center, New York City. That is a complex of 7 buildings in New York. The World Trade Center was known for his two 110-story towers, the North Tower and the South Tower. Together they carried the nickname Twin Towers. The complex was hit by a fire on February 13, 1975 and on 26 February 1993 by a bomb attack. Eventually all buildings were destroyed when two hijacked passenger planes with terrorists on september 11, 2001 to fly in purposefully the Twin Towers.

Statue of liberty

The Statue of liberty is a famous statue over the whole world. It stand in the port of New York. The meaning of the statue is politics freedom and democracy. It was a gift from the French for the hundreds birthday for the American revolution. The statue of liberty is a woman who agitate a broken necklace from her off. In her right hand she holds a torch. In her left hand she holds a tablet. The tablet symbolize all the books of the law. On the tablet stand a date. On that date explained the United States herself independent. Also she wears a crown. The crown has seven points. Who stand for the seven continents and seven seas whereof the illumination and freedom herself must rarefy. The face is amused from Charlotte Bartholdi. It got opened in 1886 for people. You can visit the Statue of liberty. You have to go to there with a boat, because it stands in the port so you can’t go there by car. Also you can go inside of the statue. You can go inside for 2 options:

•Only the pedestal. Than you have to climb 215 stair steps.

•You can also go to the crown. Totally on the top of the Statue. There is beautiful view over the whole city. You only have to climb 354 stair steps to come upstairs in the crown. If you go to the crown all of your stuff has to stay downstairs. You only can take with you a photocamera, a ticket and medication if you have medication.

If you go to visit the statue of liberty you have to reserve early because the tickets are really quick sold out.



The climate is alternate.

•Winter: it is always very cold round the 3 until 6 degrees. They almost have a white christmas. In the winter drops mostly snow. Sometimes drops there more than 10 cm snow. Nice for skiing.

•Spring: it is a nice temperature for in the spring round the 16 until 20 degrees. Sometimes rain but mostly sun. Nice for a walk.

•Summer: it is very hot in the summer round the 30 degrees! Nice for on the beach or the swimming pool. There is a lot of sunshine. It is also very of use for a vacation and a good time for icecreams.

•Autumn: it is a beautiful temperature for in the autumn round the 15 degrees. Best hot for in the autumn. You can make a very nice autumn walk.

This is the climate in New York not too cold or too hot. Nice for vacation or excursion. There is a lot of sun and some rain over the whole year.


made by Sophie van den Brand & Dewi de laat

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