Gavin's Biography


My all time favorite people and heroes are 5 men by the name of Dude Perfect. I have been a fan of them for the longest time I can remember. They have also done some of the best trick shots. Now, the reason why I consider them heroes is because they have the best people who, are not only christian, but they also have one of the most loyal fan bases as of today.

My Career

One of my favorite pastimes is playing sports. Actually, I like multiple sports such as basketball, hockey, soccer and lacrosse. I want my career to consist of sports of some kind, whether it is joining Dude Perfect, being a hockey player, or just playing any sport in general. The reason why I want that as my career is because first of all, I like being active, and second of all I admire all athletes in hockey, soccer and lacrosse


My most favorite pastime as I mentioned is being active which means that I like sports. My most favorite sport that I have played as early as kindergarten was hockey. That is one of my most favorite sports. Another one of my favorite sports that I feel is underrated by most, is lacrosse. The reason why I like lacrosse is because first of all, my uncle played in it and also coached it and plus I just like how the game works and plays.


One thing I am proud of is the amount of sports medals that I had won for all of my years playing sports since 2009. I have one of the largest collections of medals for all of the sports I have played starting with hockey. When I was in hockey I was such a busy kid because along with hockey, I was also in tennis, soccer and lacrosse. And therefore, I have one of, if not, the biggest collection of medals.


I have several different favorite foods that are mostly German. One of my family's favorite foods that is German is called sweet and sour cabbage. Now, there are many other foods that my family and I like and one of them is steak. However, usually we just eat light foods, but if it is on a special occasion, like a family reunion my grandma and mom usually make turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy and some sort of salad. Usually fruit salad.


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