Violin success learn about the violin.

Hi guys this is gh in ms.southmayd class. And we choses a passion and my passion was the violin because of the beautiful sound it makes. If you were in ms.southmayd class with passion would you pick .Have you ever thought how the violin is used? To use it you have to practice . 3 things about the violin are parts of the violin, beginner violin music, and famous violin players.

important parts of the violin?well here are some like the body , bridge , and the strings. The body is the largest part of the violin. Also the violin is shaped like an hourglass. The Have you ever wondered what are i'm violin come in different sizes. The bigger the lower. The smaller the helps the string vibrate . The strings names are B,A,D,G. When strings vibrate on the bridge it bounces back and hits the body to make the sound.




Even famous violinist were once a beginner. Beginner violin music like Bach’s chaconne, Meditation from thais , Mendelssohn violin concerto . bach’s Chaconne is a song for kid to dance to . Mendelssohn violin concerto is meadime for parties . Meditation from thais is a slow song for wedding

Talking about famous violin players like Lindsey Stirling ,Niccolo Paganini and Stephan grapple . Lindsey Stirling has a YouTube channel and performances live . It is often said that Paganini must have sold his soul to the devil to play so well . Doctors even dissected his his when he died. Stephan Pellagra is a famous violin player as you can see . over the years recording career, pellagra recording in with people.learning the violin can be hard but you have to learn parts of the violin,beginner violin music, and famous violin players.

Thank you for learning about the violin now do you have any questions that relate with the violin that you want me to answer the reason i picked this was so i can get better so i can go to a nursing home and perform

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