~My Favorite Saint~ Saint Cecilia By: Carla Santiago

Her Life

Saint Cecilia was born into a rich, noble Roman family. As a child she took a vow of virginity to God.

In order to insight the help of saints, angels, etc. to keep her promise she fasted, prayed, and wore a sackcloth. After being unwillingly betrothed to pagan Valerian she sung to God at her wedding and refused to consummate her marriage. An angel protected her in these moments and that night Valerian would wish to see the angel. Cecilia told him to be baptized than he would be able to see said angel. He did so, saw the angel, was fully converted, and would later reach saintdom after being martyred by the prefect for burying other martyred Christians. Saint Cecilia herself was martyred by the same prefect Almachius after he was angered at her distribution of possessions to the poor.

Saint Cecilia (Cecily) was born in the late 2nd century and would later die in the 3rd century. She is the patron saint of music, musicians, and unknown to most the blind as well. The church celebrates her life on her feast day, November 22nd.
Some Interesting Facts About Her

1. Almachius ordered for Saint Cecilia to be executed via suffocation in the baths. Large fires were set and she was locked in the baths for one day and one night. The flames did not touch her, she did not even sweat. After this failed attempt at murder Almachius ordered that she be beheaded. The executioner struck her 3 times never severing her head. He soon left her there to bleed where she survived for 3 more days.

2. Saint Cecilia converted over 400 people in her life. Durning her death she continued to preach as people soaked up her blood with cloth and sponges. Her relevance and influence continued on for centuries peaking in Resistance's era art and music where she was often characterized.

3. Pope Urban and his deacons properly buried Saint Celilia after her death and in 1599 when her body was exhumed she was found to be incorrupt wearing a gold embroidered dress and silk veil. She is known as the first of all incorrupt saints

A Prayer of Intercession: Saint Cecilia please help me to worship God as you did. So that I may be able to have your strength and dedication in the promises I make with him. So that I am forgiven for what I have done wrong so that I may move onto a path of righteous. Guide me on my blind gory to salvation in hopes that I too may become a better Christian willing to die for the one I love most God. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


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I have neither given nor recived unauthorized help on this work. - Carla Santiago

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