Black Lives Matter by Brianna Mannavong

Background Information

The Birmingham riots of 1963 was a civil disorder in Birmingham . Alabama was causes by the bombing on May 11, 1963 which causes riots to happen. They attacked the black leaders of the Birmingham and they protested for racial injustice.

Goals Of The Event

People are protesting for the blacks and they want them to stop injuring and killing there people

It would be the beginning of lunch counter sit-ins , marches on the city hall and boycotts. Boycotts on downtown merchants to protest for segregation laws in the cities.

protesters for black lives matter

Who Were Involved With This Event ?

Bombing in the church kill four black girls and at least 14 other blacks injured , sparking riots and outcries. Overall , over 20 people were injured from the bombing and the start of riots. Not just blacks were killed and injured , they were all against them for them for all Birmingham riots.

Everyone praying for people have the same rights and to make things fair

Importance Of People

In case , some white leaders, including the cities most powerful commissioner who had to used dogs and fire hoses against demonstrators. The agreement suggested that they might not force its provisions.

What Obstacles Did They Face ?

They faced a lot of roadblocks like they were getting hit down by the police, dogs, fire, hoses and violence

playing music as loud as they can , they never gave up the protest and wanted it to stop.

How Did They Overcome These Obstacles ?

They got over these roadblocks by protesting and not stopping or giving up. No matter how hard they had to fight people never gave up to have their rights

Things that happen to this day, People protesting for black lives and blocking every road they can.

Whats Happening To This Day ...

As if today, this is still going on, black people are still getting killed and dying. Blacks still don’t have the rights as white or other colored people do. It’s so bad that people are still fighting for their rights today.

All Rights should be the same to any races .


Black Lives Matter is a protest so blacks can have the same rights as others and this can relate to the civil rights event. It help supports the protest for blacks who get killed or injured by cops or anyone that has the rights to do anything to people.

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