Wine Ambassador September tasting notes

September is here — which means your Wine Ambassador Collection is on the way!

The temperatures are finally cooling down, which means we can ship our wine to you again! Thank you for your patience and support as our priority every month is to hand-pick delicious wines, and getting those wines to you without heat-induced shipping flaws is always an essential consideration for people in the wine industry.

This month, some of you will be getting a case collection that covers your auto-ship orders for the past three months — and what a collection we've picked out for you this time! Fall breezes are finally in the air, and so the bottles we've selected for you are not only crowd-pleasers, but they pair brilliantly with Autumn foods and your favorite fall festivities!

2018 Landy Fume (Sauv) Blanc

A Fume Blanc is a Sauvignon Blanc that's been aged on oak - so you can expect a warm, smokey flavor in the finish, and the perfect balance of crisp and sweet to compliment the foods you love to serve as the temperatures start to transition into Autumn! This might be one of the most crowd-pleasing whites we've ever added to one of our collections because it is so easy to drink, and it pairs so beautifully with foods and friends! Hard and soft cheeses pair perfectly, but this wine is hearty enough to serve with dinner, too. Poultry and pork make this wine dazzle - so you can get creative in the kitchen!

2017 Shanti Napa Zinfandel

There's a reason Zinfandel is considered to be "the Winemakers Wine." This 2017 Shanti is a great example because it's so balanced and fruit-forward that it doesn't compete with anything - it just makes your food taste better, and your conversations more enjoyable! This Zinfandel was grown and produced in Napa, so you can expect it to have a hint of tannins on the finish - which often makes it the best wine to pair with cheeses and warm, creamy appetizers. But a Zin like this Shanti is also perfect with holiday favorites - such as turkey and ham!

2016 Vidal Merlot

We are incredibly proud to have this Vidal Merlot in the September Collection because a good California Merlot is always easy to mix into any gathering. Merlot has had a real resurgence in popularity as of late, and some of the best winemakers are expressing all of the tremendous flavors of this varietal in their offerings. This Vidal Merlot is a great example of a beautifully expressed wine that hovers right between a heavy Cab and a light Pinot in weight, but pairs brilliantly with your favorite fall entertaining foods - including a warm medley of roasted veggies, or a gorgeous roasted chicken or holiday brisket.

2016 Mulray Pinot Noir

There's nothing more perfect for the early fall than a California Pinot Noir - and we've selected a gorgeous bottle for you this month. There's something about the way a Pinot opens in your glass that reminds you of the easy transition from the Summer into the Fall. This 2015 Mulray literally opened in our glass the first time we did a tasting, and the journey of flavors from the first sip to the last transported us! Serve this Pinot with grilled meats and Autumn produce. And remember: Pinot Noir is a beautiful choice as the red wine you serve with turkey!

2017 Edict Pinot Noir

We were beyond surprised to be able to add the 2017 Edict Pinot Noir to our September shipment. Depending on your order, you may receive one bottle of this vintage,* and if you do, you may want to hold it back to serve at your Thanksgiving or some other Holiday feast this year!

This 2017 Edict Pinot is such a crowd-pleasers, and it goes perfectly with harvest-oriented dishes. And, just like the Mulray Pinot Noir, this wine is a perfect expression of that beautiful transition of seasons! Cheers!

*Wine Ambassadors who deferred their three monthly auto-shipments may receive one bottle of the 2017 Edict Pinot and two bottles of the 2015 Mulary Pinot Noir in their September Case Collection. We wanted to add a little bonus wine to thank you for your patience as we waited for the summer temperatures to cool off to ensure your wines arrive perfectly!

Thank you for being a Wine Ambassador!