Living Green A Video Guide By "Greening Vermillion"

Lesson 1: Intro to sustainability

In this first video, we introduce the concept of sustainability and why it is important.

Essential Questions:

How does your environment affect your health?

What natural resources does our economy depend on?

Do you know anyone who has suffered because of environmental issues (drought, air pollution, flooding, etc.)?

Lesson 2: recycling in vermillion

In this video, we learn how to recycle in Vermillion.

essential questions:

When is your recycling day?

Did you know you can use your own similar-sized recycling bins rather than buying them from the city?

Have you ever used one of the satellite drop-off trailers for your recycling?

Lesson 3: The 6 “R”s

In this video, we discuss the 6 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Rethink, Refuse.

Essential Questions:

Take a look in your trash can. What types of items take up the most space?

What is the most recent thing you repaired?

When did you last refuse something?

What is one way that you do each of the 6 Rs?

Lesson 4: Recycling Plastic

In this video, we discuss the making and recycling of plastic – it’s more complicated than you might think!

Essential Questions:

Did you know that some plastics, other than 1 and 2, have limited markets and are not recyclable in Vermillion?

What are the most common plastic types (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7) used in your household?

What can you do to reduce the use of single-use plastics (straws, bags, packaging) in your household?

Lesson 5: Recycling Paper

Paper is relatively easy to recycle, but it’s still better to limit our consumption in the first place.

Essential Questions:

What are the most common paper items that your household uses and recycles?

What are some ways you could reuse paper items before recycling?

Lesson 6: Recycling Aluminum

Making aluminum from raw resources uses a lot of energy! There is a great value in recycling aluminum products.

Essential Questions:

Did you know Vermillion's recycling program accepts aluminum cans, but not aluminum pie plates or foil?

Could you reuse the aluminum items Vermillion doesn’t recycle before sending them to the landfill?

How could you eliminate your need for these aluminum items?

Lesson 7: Recycling Steel

It takes a massive amount of energy to turn ore into a steel can. Would it be better to simply turn old cans into new cans?

Essential Questions:

What are some of the most common items made of steel in your household?

Can you throw all of these items in your curbside recycling bin?

Lesson 8: Recycling Glass

In this video, we learn that creating glass takes a lot of energy, and that recycling it can save us a lot of money and resources.

Essential Questions:

Did you know that a brewery purchases Vermillion’s recycled glass to turn into new beer bottles?

Can you think of ways to reuse glass items before recycling?

Lesson 9: Why Recycling Is Important

In this video, we make the case that recycling is worth the effort.

Essential Questions:

What is your biggest reason to recycle?

Have you noticed how much less garbage your household makes when you recycle?

When do you find that it is hardest to recycle? What could you do differently at those times to reduce your waste?

Lesson 10: landfills

We need a place to put our trash, but landfills are often taken for granted.

Essential Questions:

What did you learn about landfills that surprised you?

Do you visit the free paint exchange before buying paint for a small project?

What do you do with your electronics when they no longer work?

Where do you store your hazardous waste items until you can properly dispose of them?

Could you use mulch from the City for any of your landscaping?

Lesson 11: Storm Drains & How to Help

In this video we learn about the importance of storm drains, but improper use has harmful consequences.

Then, we learn how you can help out!

essential questions:

Do your friends and family know that Vermillion's drains lead directly to the Missouri River?

Have you seen Vermillion's painted drains? Which one is your favorite?

Do you know a drain that could use some paint (or a touch up) and know someone who would like to paint it?

Did you know that our stretch of the Missouri River is a national park?