The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Franchesca farris

Entering the Theatre

I have been able to watch numerous shows in the Constans Theatre, and have had the privilege of taking dance classes in the classrooms in the back. I love being able to walk through the glass doors, and walk by and peek in, and see someone practicing. One of my favorite shows that I have seen in this theatre was Agbeddi; it is a must see by everyone who attends UF. This was my first play at the University, and I enjoyed it very much.

The Spatial Experience

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Entering the theatre was an event for itself. Per usual, I forgot my UF ID, but not to worry, I was able to give my ID numbers quickly. The format for seating was quite interesting. As we shuffled in the theatre, there was a young woman ushering us to sit down. We were seated in the front of the theatre, just three rows behind the edge of the stage. I would say that this was very close and personal. I would sometimes make eye contact with some of the actors, and I would smile, and they would show a sparkle in their eye. The lights dimming did not quiet the audience, but the new background of almost rain-like lights caught the attention of the audience. We all began whispering, asking, "Is it about to start?" Then the show began, and we were all mesmerized by the commotion of it all.

The Social Experience

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As I am about to leave my room, my phone buzzes with a text saying, "Are you ready yet?" I meet my friend walking down the stairs, and we both walk to the theatre. I attended the performance with a good friend of mine who lives in my building, and is taking the class as well. Before I left my building, I got motivated to clean my room, and detox all the clutter. Once I realized I needed to get ready to leave, it was a pleasure to get to the theatre, and watch the play, and clear my mind. My friend and I enjoyed the company of each other very much. He helped me decipher parts of a scene that I wasn't able to understand, and vice versa. In my opinion, sharing an experience with another person isn't always necessary. I find that going alone, and soaking up the environment around you is more of a learning experience. It is nice to have that person you are able to discuss with, but in my Good Life, an experience will be my experience with or without another person.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

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I am a Catholic, and was raised Catholic all my life. In my culture, you follow the rules of the church, and you didn't discuss them. In the plot of the play, one of the characters, Brother Casgrain, reminded me of how my family was growing up. In our culture, we would wake up on Sunday, go to church, come home, and eat lunch. When you did something wrong, there was always a consequence. He showed this throughout the play, specifically when Talbot came home from a long night with a woman. Now, not this specifically happened to me, but other scenarios in my life, my family would be like Brother Casgrain.

The Emotional Experience

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I really enjoyed the representation of this play, but I do believe that plays are existent to spark your mind on thoughts. Most Catholic priest do not spend their days in a church praying all day. My priest was an active member in the church, but he did have a life outside of church that didn't include sins. I am not saying that he was perfect, but he didn't go out, and attempt to sleep with other women. The theatre shows you a perspective of life, and if it relates to you, then you have a deep resonating opinion of the play. If it doesn't relate to your life at that time, then you realize that you want your life to be like that, or you don't want your life to be like that. Personally, I would never want to be like Sarah Bernhardt seeking for attention at all times. The play allows us to come clean meaning that we can realize what are true morals are, and then we evaluate if we have been following them. I realized after the play that I need to follow my morals as they have been set.


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