MKV Productions Student getting ready for school

These pictures are of a student getting prepped up for school. The objects in these pictures symbolise the objects that we use for our day-to-day lives at school, as well as routined weekday mornings. Some of them include: Laptop, bottle, books, tiffin boxes, coffee mugs, etc.
Perspectives of a scene: student's desk, getting ready for school
Representing the student's packed meal and drink for school
This laptop shows the student's busy school schedule
Student's books representing his/her school work
A note to the student from the mother representing love between the family
Representing student's messy mind: Morning Rush


All of these pictures show zoom in's and perspectives of the same scene: a student getting ready for school in the morning. The different angles represent the student's mind; with sparks of warmth and positivity shown by family shown by the note that the mother had written to the student. The way it is organised shows that the student prioritises his busy school life in a normal weekday morning. The zoom ins show the different representations which add upto the ultimate theme, which is warmth, positivity and a busy life.

Our group throughout the process of this design. (Vaibhav, Kashvi and Meher)

Group Reflection!

In the beginning of the process of design/creation, our group changed and had a lot of different ideas which really cut down time for creating the final plan in our notebook and the final magazine. Apart from that, our group worked productively almost all the time and made sure that we split the work, so that the project could be done well, but with efficiency. I think a positive aspect in our group would be that even though we had never used this software, we were quick in learning its shortcuts and tools which really helped our final magazine look presentable and aesthetically unique. Despite all of our difficulties, we managed to finish on time!

Thank You!

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Kashvi Grover

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