Old Brunswick Day A living history of colonial Brunswick at Harriet Beecher Stowe School

Students in the fifth and third grades collaborated to bring a living history demonstration of the Revolutionary War and colonial Brunswick to Harriet Beecher Stowe School and the Community.

The reenactment, along with the study and preparation leading up to it, served to enhance the fifth-grade curriculum on colonial life and the Revolutionary War and the third-grade curriculum on Brunswick history.

Students played the roles of citizens, craftsmen and political figures representative of the time.

Several BCEF grants made the day possible, supplying funds to purchase materials and equipment for early American crafts and trades including blacksmithing, candle making, wool carding and spinning, and fabric weaving using wooden looms.

BCEF funds were also used:

  • To purchase the tents which served as the homes and shops of colonial Brunswick,
  • To involve local experts—including blacksmiths, wool enthusiasts, wood workers and historians—to work with students during the reenactment,
  • And to purchase a variety of antique woodworking tools which students used to construct wooden benches and stools.
Lou Sullivan, fifth grade teacher and grant initiator, hopes to see the event grow into an annual celebration that connects students and the community to the rich heritage of Brunswick.

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