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"Come One Come All" Title 1 Program

Calhoun Academy of the Arts has exciting news... we are now a Title 1 school. Title 1 is the largest federal aid program for elementary and secondary schools. This "extra hep" program has been in effect for over 40 years. Under Title 1, school districts receive federal funds to distribute to schools with above-average percentage of low-income children. Title 1 funds are over and above the state and local funds and can only be used to pay for programs that give extra help to qualifying schools. This is a terrific opportunity for our students, families, and school community. We are excited to share this news with you and look forward to sharing even more as information and funds becomes available.

Parent and Family Engagement

Parents are the "Ring Leaders" At Calhoun we are encourage you to become involved in your child's educational program. Parents may call the school to schedule conferences and visits to their child's class. Materials, strategies, and help from teachers are available to ALL families. Opportunities for active parent and family participation include, but are not limited to open house, parent workshops, school-parent compacts, home visitation, parent-teacher organization (PTO), conferences, class/school newsletters, School Improvements Council, Class DoJo, Parent Portal and more. Your child is your most precious investment, so be sure to get involved!

It's a Three Ring Circus

Did you know...We have many programs and services available to you and your child. Programs we offer throughout the year are: chorus and honors chorus, ENGAGE (4th and 5th grade girls), Good News Club (hosted by Concord Baptist Church), strings, running club, student council (5th grade), safety patrol (5th grade), morning show (5th grade), farm to school program Services we offer throughout the year are: mental health services, counseling, tutoring, YMCA After School Care, free breakfast (7:00-7:25 only) and lunch, family nights, educational website links, parent portal, classroom Dojo, Friday Folders

Step Right Up...
  1. class instruction begins at 7:45 Your child needs to be in the classroom no later than 7:45
  2. schools doors open at 7:00 - no earlier
  3. breakfast is served from 7:00 - 7:25 only
  4. everyone needs to sign in with the office once you enter building
  5. no outside food (fast food) allowed into our school cafeteria
  6. car riders need "car tags", ride changes can only be made in writing not in an email or by phone
  7. drop off and pick up- be sure to pull your vehicle to the last open cone this allows for better traffic flow during a very hectic time
  8. see Nurse Jackson about procedures for prescription and over-the counter medicines
  9. school dismisses at 2:30
It Only Looks Like We Are Clowning Around

We have several web based services that are available to you and your child. These services include but are not limited to...


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