The Essence of the Game The Other Moments of High School Sports

I love high school sports. Not just one sport but all.

There's something about the energy and atmosphere that just makes me smile. As my own children approach their final year in High School, I've realized that some of my favorite pictures are not the touchdowns or winning shots but ones where I've captured the essence of a game.

I've been fortunate to follow Allatoona High School in Acworth, GA these past several years and got the opportunity to see their football team win the 2015 5A GHSA State Championship and their lacrosse team win the 2016 1A-5A GHSA State Championship. I missed seeing the Boys Track Team become 2017 6A GHSA State Champions but needless to say, I've witnessed some amazing moments!

Class of 2016 Treamon Perkins giving Casey Linch a celebratory hug after winning the 2015 GHSA AAAAA State Championship Game vs. Glynn Academy at the Georgia Dome.

Class of 2017 Brendan Siemen giving Coach Jake Lane a celebratory hug after winning the 2016 Georgia A-AAAAA State Championship Game vs. Westminster.

It's not just about the's all the other moments of the game.

It's the quiet moments before it all starts.

And the sounds of the crowd.

It's the moments you cheer for.

And the moments you smile for.

It's the unexpected moments.

And the moments of sportsmanship.

I don't know what images the 2017-2018 athletic season will bring but one thing I know for sure...I can't wait to capture the essence once again.

All photos taken by Chrystal Moore Photography

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Chrystal Moore


Chrystal Moore Photography

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