Belgium By: amanda brade

Belgium is in Europe surrounded by The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, and France


Belgiums official languages are French, German, and Dutch
Belgiums official religion is Roman Catholic. About 65% of the population is Christian. 58% of that is Roman Catholic.
Belgiums national food is Carbonade Flamande. Otherwise known as beef stew. It is usually served with a side of fries and a beer.
The national sport in Belgium in soccer. People in Belgium call it "football". Belgium is very good at "football", they are first place so far in the FIFA world cup. FIFA stands for The Federation Internationale de Football Association. In English it is International Federation of Association Football.
Belgium likes to listen to traditional music.
The traditional clothing in Belgium was a smock and beret for men and dressed for women. Young boys wore dresses up to the 1900's and then wore tunics until the 19th century.
Belgium building and houses are usually all connected and built to look traditional


This is called Gravensteen. It is a castle in Belgium from the 10th century. This is found in the city of Ghent.
This place in Belgium is in the city of Brussels. It is called Mini Europe. It has miniature famous landmarks from the Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower.
This is apart of the Ardennes which are physical features through Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of France and Germany.


Charles Michel is the Prime Minister of Belgium. Belgium has a federal government.


The Dutch Declaration of Independence was written in 1581.
Belgium was involved in World War ll. They surrendered from the order of King Leopold lll.
Belgium was included in the Iraqi no fly zones
Belgium was involved in The French Intervention in Mexico.
Gerardus Mercator is important and famous for creating a different kind of map which represented sailing courses of constant bearing as straight lines.
Gotye is famous for being a multi-instrumentalist.
Jacques Brel is a famous singer/songwriter.
Adolphe Sax is important in history because he is the creator of the Saxophone.
Leopold ll is the second king of Belgium
Stromae is a famous musician in Belgium.
Kevin Mirallas is a famous soccer player
Adolphe Quetelet is a famous astronomer, mathematician, statistician, and sociologist.


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