Harn Museum of Art Tour By: Alexa ager

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: I felt like this piece of art can definitely only be appreciated in person rather than seen in a photograph or on a website. Because it is three dimensional, I got to physically walk around it and view its texture as well as visually experience its grand size. He used large, abstract shapes and a unique geometric form to create this piece of art. I particularly liked how this artist used this technique of utilizing conflicting gestures such as in this piece in order to evoke mixed emotions from the viewer. I think that this technique did just that; this piece made me feel puzzled, delight, and even a little bit struggled.

Design of the Museum: I really liked how we had to go to the museum rather than just look up photos on the computer because of the museum's architecture and the way it was designed. My favorite part of the museum was this large room that overlooked a garden. The windows covered floor to ceiling to bring in natural light that enhanced the wooden design and open floor plan. The garden had a small pond with a waterfall and benches where you could sit. It was a particularly beautiful day so it made the museum and its surrounding looks especially pleasing. I liked how the light shined into a room that had only a few, large pieces of art to look at rather than a bunch of works. This was aesthetically pleasing and definitely made me feel calm and content.

Art and Core Values: When I first saw this painting, I immediately thought of me and my sister. I am younger and had blonde hair as a child, and she had brown hair. It looked like it would be a painting of us playing together, which is what we did often as children. This piece of art definitely appealed to one of my core values, which is loving your family. My sister and I are best friends, yet she goes to college across the country, so I miss her often. This painting instilled the emotion of love because of how much I love my sister yet sorrow because I only see her two or three times a year. The painting showed me a glimpse into my past and made me realize how much I really do love and miss my family.

Art and the Good Life: This particular piece of work conveyed to me the Good Life theme of what I want to achieve. When I looked at this art, I saw a busy city with a lot of cars, buildings and commotion. It reminded me of where I grew up because I have always lived in a pretty big city. When I am older, I want to attain a good job that will keep me and my family financially well off, live in a city, and not live near my family now but have a family of my own. Although everyone has their distinct definition of the good life, this is mine. I saw my future and what would make me happy in this art, and it only made me appreciate it even more.

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