Students should have more time to sleep at night! Paula blanco

Getting a good amount of sleep helps teenagers eat better and manage the stress of being. A teen. In an article it states, “The endocrine system (the collection of glands that secrete hormones into the circulatory system and are carried to another organ) has a complex response to sleep.1 The secretion of some hormones increases during sleep (e.g., growth hormone, protactinium, and routinizing hormone),” Another site also stated, “Growth hormone is typically secreted in the first few hours after the onset of sleep and generally occurs during slow-wave sleep” This is talking about how hormones also interfere with sleep.

Having a lot of homework gets in the way of students sleeping at the right time which leads to them being tired in the morning and not working well during school. In an article it states, “The average sleep time for these teens diminished from 7.6 to 6.9 hours of sleep from 9th to 12th grade. When they examined what happened when teens stayed up late to study for finish a project, they found that Essentially, staying up late to cram tends not to help and actually worsens performance. This emphasizes the importance of encouraging good study habits in kids.” This states that teens stay up late to finish work, which then gets in the way of their sleep time. Another quote states “Results suggest that regardless of how much a student generally studies each day, if that student sacrifices sleep time to study more than usual, he or she will have more trouble understanding material taught in class and be more likely to struggle on an assignment or test the following day.”

In conclusion students/teens should get more time to sleep. All the examples that were talked about show the reasons why students/teens should have more time to Sleep With all the homework, projects, technology and stress that gets in the way teens should get more time to sleep, so that they can work better a feel better for the morning.

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