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I, Nelson Mandela, was born on July 18, 1918 into the Madiba clan, in the village of Mvezo. I have studied for my degree at The University of Fort Hare but was kicked out for joining a student protest in . I then joined the African National Congress 1944 and formed the ANC Youth League. Even after being kicked out for student protesting, I still managed to graduate in 1943.

I protested against the law of apartheid which separated the blacks and the whites by law and gave the British control over south Africa.

They have put me in jail for basically half my life for protesting for my own kinds rights. Continue reading and see why help is needed in the government in South Africa.

The conditions that me and my people go through because of apartheid and the British control over us is horrible. My people have been enslaved, I have been locked up and held captive for just about 27 years of my life and we need the British out.

We should all fight against apartheid as it is splitting us apart and we have to get the British out of South Africa. The power we can have by protesting is strong because they can only fight back for so long.

There has been nothing great happening for us in South Africa even though this his our home ground, we have no say in the government.

British control over us has caused many negative effects. It instituted various tyrannical institutions in the region. For example. The British took control over the land for their own prestige and investment.

I would like to achieve the goal of getting the British out and ending apartheid for the comfort of the people of South Africa.

I would like to do this with the least amount of violence as possible and I would work endlessly. Will you help?


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