Good Life Performance A spark-story by julian c. valdivia

My Spacial Experience - As I walked into the Reitz Union and entered the Constans Theater, I like one of the child people from Siddhartha, indulging in the physical pleasures of this world. In this case, it was the experience of the theater. Many different feelings bombarded me as I traversed the auditorium to my seat. Anxiousness as I waited in line, excitement as we were told to silence our phones, and jubilance as the lights dimmed to center on the actors. I was fully in-tune with my feelings from the physical, just like Siddhartha, as the actors and actresses opened the show.
My Social Experience - Preparing for the show was a delight. However, my friend Marco and I felt as though we were in the kerfuffle. Unable to decide how to dress, I can’t help but relate this to some of the lessons learned from Frida Kahlo. What did we want to say about ourselves as we went to the theater? Did we want to dress fancy and make a statement or casual hoping to fit in? Eventually, we found a mix of the two, and luckily when we met up with our friend Lauren, she was on the same page. It was humorous to see how much emphasis we all placed on the way we were dressing, something I’m sure Frida Kahlo could’ve understood, especially since she put so much importance on the messages she sent through her fashion. Being with the two of them, enhanced the experience as we could discuss and dive into some of the themes from the show and how they relate to the class.
My Cultural and Intellectual Experience - Prior to the play, I knew little about both Quebec and the influence of the Catholic Church and big business. It not only informed we the audience about the sheer power of the church but the horrors of the industry at the turn of the century. This was shown by both the Church’s ability to mobilize people against the arts and the numerous deaths that are depicted and mentioned in the shoe factory. I can’t help, but think of how these issues relate to modern issues today. One of those being the Catholic Church’s cover-up of child molestation in the early 2000s. Another issue being the continued use of child labor in 3rd world countries around the world.
My Emotional Experience - The representation of these issues through theater makes them in a sense come clean on the human impact of these issues. In the case of the Church, while they not only exerted influence upon the masses; they also exerted influence on individuals like Talbot who was abused by an older member of the Church, which was covered up. For big industry, we saw how the neglect of the of the factory owner led to the death of Talbot’s brother. In both cases, we see how these larger powers took advantage of characters and stole their innocence. The impact of these forces showed how these larger forces can impact and take away from the good life of others.
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