Short Stories Autor Conteudista: Neide Arruda


Espera-se que com as temáticas das narrativas denominadas Short Stories, os alunos possam aprimorar o aprendizado da língua inglesa. A expectativa é de que os estudantes tenham a oportunidade de desenvolver as habilidades de leitura e interpretação, além de ampliar o vocabulário.

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An important businessman went to see his doctor because he could not sleep at night. The doctor examined him carefully and then said to him, ‘Your trouble is that you need to learn to relax. Have you got any hobbies?’

The businessman thought for a few moments and then said, ‘No, doctor, I haven’t. I don’t have any time for hobbies.’ ‘Well,’ the doctor answered, ‘that is your main trouble, you see.’

You don’t have time for anything except your work. You must find some hobbies, and you must learn to relax with them, or you’ll be dead in less than five years. Why don’t you learn to paint pictures?’

‘All right, doctor,’ the businessman said. ‘I’ll try that.’ The next day he telephoned the doctor and said, ‘That was very good idea of yours, doctor. Thank you very much. I’ve already painted fifteen pictures since I saw you’.

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Mary’s mother was nearly seventy, and Mary and her husband wanted to give the old lady a nice birthday present. She liked drinking tea, so Mary ordered an electric machine which made the tea and they woke up in the morning. She wrapped in up in pretty paper and brought it to her mother on her birthday. Then her mother opened the package. Mary showed her how to use it.

‘Before you go to bed, put the tea in the pot and the water in the kettle ’. She explained the old lady, ‘and don’t forget to switch the electricity on. Then, when you wake up in the morning, your tea will be ready.

After a few days, Mary’s mother rang up and said, ‘perhaps I’m being rather silly, but there’s one thing I’m confused about: why do I have to go to bed to make the tea?’

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