My Life Goals EJ Strickland

Short Term Goals

I want to find a job, establish my bank account, be passionate like my dad, and be driven like my mom withing the next year.

Three Year Goals

I want to see my brother again within three years, he's in the Navy right now so it would nice to see him.
I want my mother to get out of her pessimistic ways because things aren't as bad as they were, so don't make it seem like they are.
I want to discover my entire family tree within three years because I know I have a special family but I want to know all of my ethnicity.
I want my parents to be stress free in three years because they've already been through enough.

Five Year Goals

I want to be financially secure in the next five years because I always want to buy things for myself all of the time...especially when I don't have money.
I want to get a dog in the next five years with my own responsibility at hand because I've always wanted to take care of my own dog.
I also want to have my own house. It's a simple goal that a lot of people want to meet including myself.
I want to see my little sister grow up because I probably won't be able to see her a whole lot besides on the phone when I leave to college.

Ten Year Goals

In the next 10 years, I want to go to a lot of places. I want to go to the Bahamas because it's a strong part of my culture.
I also want to travel to Greece and Italy because those are my moms most favorite places in the world.
I want to go to GCU and get my master's degree, but I still don't what subject it's going to be in.
And finally, I want to go to Paris because a lot of my close family went without me.



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