Stop the Saddle-Back Slaughter! 60% Of American horses are auctioned and slaughtered for meat


You're in a hot room, screeches from your fellow herd-mates are crowded together, stepping on each other looking for escape. You see a many meat hold knives come close towards you, they scream and yell at you and soon your eyes close feeling pain through your back and neck. This is what it is like to a unwanted/retired horse who is auctioned to become meat to Europe and Japan.

Have You Ever Wondered?...

Have you ever wondered what happens to senior or retired horses, the first thing that may come into your mind is R&R and visits from the vet, but it's the total opposite. 100,000 horses that are unwanted/retired horses are auctioned and sent to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered and sent to Japan and Europe to be eaten. About 60% of these horses come from America, while we don't even eat horses! Now, you might be thinking “Well we eat cows and pigs, so why care if they eat horses?” the answer is, different jobs. Horses are seen as animals for work, travel, and stress relief to children with autism ( ) while let's say pigs can't really do any of that instead of being meat for humans. When a horse retirees it could be used for giving lessons to new volunteers and children on how to take care of a horse.

What Happens to The Horses?

American horses get auctioned and moved to slaughterhouses in both Canada and Mexico. Once 100,000 horses are in a small, fenced cage, they are yelled and screamed at and stabbed with knives around the chest area. This is fear, pain, and sadness to these precious creatures. The most outrageous thing about this is that once the meat is exported to Japan and Europe, it is sold for 29 cents per pound, a $300 animal is then killed for its meat for 29 cents!

How Can Americans Stop This American Cause?

Americans like you and I are able to help in many ways. First, make a bumper sticker for your car saying “Americans Don't Eat Horses”. Second, write to congress about the problem that Americans are sending horses to slaughter. Lastly, for kids, at school are can do a fun charity and send money into shelters/rescues for horses that are being sent to slaughter (sending money in so shelters/rescues can expand and buy horses that are going to slaughter.Americans can also help our four-legged gentle giants by writing or telling congress (teens and adults) or having charities at school (children of all ages). So why not help these creatures have a different future, I know you wouldn't want to be scared and unknown of what your death might be.


According to “Slaughter is a highly profitable market and most of the public is unaware that the buyers for the slaughterhouses frequent public auctions to purchase their horses. We attend the same public auctions, choose the Draft horses we feel are the most viable candidates for rescue, and then outbid the meat buyer.”

According to “60% or more of the horses slaughtered in Canada are brought in from the United States, and this rule will increase the cost of importing horses from the US beyond profitability. Canada exported over $36 million worth of horse meat to the EU in 2016, but with the new rules, the future of horse slaughter in Canada is unknown.”


Citizens that love horses and are of the unknown to know that horses are being slaughtered in Canada and Mexico is very wrong, this is why we must tell more people about these 4 legged gentle giants.

Wont You Help?

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