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This is Madagascar. The 4th largest island in the world.

What is geographic theme of location? Their are two types of location. The first one is absolute location. That is the exact spot. Relative location is what it is around. Madagascar's is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Madagascar's capital is Antananarivo.

Africa has many waterways. There are 4 major rivers and 1 major lakes.

Madagascar has 4 major rivers. Betsiboka, Tsiribihina, Mangoky and Onilahy rivers, all of which start in the eastern highlands and flow west towards the Mozambique Channel. The major lake, Lake Alaotra, is 350 square miles. The climate only has 2 seasons. Either hot and rainy in November-April or Cool and dry in May-October. Madagascar is surrounded by the Indian Ocean so there are no countries around it.

This shows the temperature and rainfall over a year
This shows the temperature (in celcious) over a year in each month

Geographic theme of place: there are two things about this, one is human characteristic and the other is physical characteristic.

Madagascar has many rock resource. Mica is one of those
Graphite is used for pencil lead.
Coal is used for many things like for cooking and heating homes
You normally put salt on your food
5% muslim
40% christian
55% Traditional
Martrys day in Madagascar

Their are many resources in Madagascar like graphite, chromite, coal, salt, quartz, and semi precious stone. They celebrate holidays/traditions like us too. New Years, Easter, Labour day, and Independence Day. They have their own traditions too like Martrys Day and Santabary Festival. There are 40% christians, 55% traditional and 5% Muslim. The government is a multiparty republic. They have 217 members in its legislature.

Human Environment Interaction: the way people change the environment and how the environment changes them.

Rice crops
Banana tree
Mining is a main job in Madagascar
Fishing is also a main job in Madagascar
Here is the endangered lemur
Here is the endangered tortoise
This tells you how much people are cutting down every 20 years.
This shows where the fires are in Madagascar (agriculture fires)

Madagascar has quite a bit of crops. They have rice, cassava, bananas, and sweet potatoes. The main jobs in Madagascar are mining, fishing, forestry, and agricultural (farming). The lemur and Phoughshare Tortoise are endangered. People cut down their homes illegally and hunt them. The tortoise gets kept as a pet most of the time. Madagascar has environmental problems also. They have deforestation problems where people cut down trees and destroy animals habitats. They also have agriculture fires.

Region: an area on the planet that is composed of places with a unifying characteristic

These 4 photos are all kids in school in Madagascar^^^^

There are a couple of sections in the education syste. You have primary (1-5 grade and mainly 6-11 year olds), Middle (6-9 grade and mainly 12-15 year olds), and Secondary (10-12 grade and mainly 16-18 year olds). The total population for Madagascar is 22.92 million and the population density is 40.52 (in 2014). The country is 226,658 miles squared. The per capita GDP is 1370 dollars (2013). The average male life expectancy is 63.9 years old and the females life expectancy is 67 and the literacy rate is 64.7%.

Movement: the way people, products, information, or idea more from one place to another.

They import petroleum
Petroleum factories
They export nickel
This is a man who is putting the vanilla together and ready to ship them off

Madagascar imports refined petroleum and exports raw nickel and vanilla. The flag has 3 colors. Red, green, and white. The red and white are the colors of the Merina kingdom and the green is the color of Hova. In 1947 Malagasy Nationalists revolt against the French. 1/3 of the Island uprised. Their first president was Philibert Tsiranana. The country doesn't really have well developed technology. They have electricity and they have mining machines. They have TVs and cellphones but mainly that's for the more rich or wealthy.

"Madagascar drought: catastrophe looms as 850,000 go hungry, says UN". It just explains how there is a severe drought and famine going on in southern Madagascar.

MH370: debris found in Madagascar in June still not collected by Malaysia. This article talks about how they still haven't found the six missing pieces to the air craft that disappeared. "Independent investigator Blaine Gibson says six pieces remain with island authorities and have not yet been analysed for links to missing aircraft".

Madagascar is a beautiful place to go. The trees and flower colors are magnificent. If you go to the capital of the country, you will see all of the gorgeous things about Madagascar. There is also a zoo that would be fun to go because they more than likely have different animals in their zoo than us in the United States.

The capital, Antananarivo.
Here is the zoo.

What does the typical teenager do ? They have school like we do but we are more fortunate knowing we have a better school structure.thry might just have a shack. They like to play soccer in their free time/what they do for fun. They like to listen to the Valium and the acoustic guitar. They also listen to the drums or play the drums. Traditional dress in Northern Madagascar involves wearing the 'lamba'. The word lamba simply means cloth or clothing but usually refers to the two matching pieces of fabric that women wear – one around the waist or chest and one around the head or shoulders. Traditionally the lamba would have been all that was worn.

This is what a lamba looks like
Here are some kids who are making the best of their ability by making their own goal.
This is what a valiha instrument looks like
This is what a school house looks like, it's very small but kids still work hard in there.


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