100 Day Road to Platinum 20% Project

For my 20% project, I will give myself 100 days to reach platinum rank in an online fighting

More specifically, I will do this in Street Fighter V

The online ranking system in SFV is as follows:

The vertical line represents the amount of players in the community and the horizontal line represents each league. There are 7 leagues: Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master. As you can see, each league has three tiers within it: Regular to Super to Ultra. Considering that over 500,000 people play this game, around 75% of players are still in Bronze league. It is also clear to see that only 1% of people have made it to Platinum League. My goal is be a part of that 1%.


I have to do this using a Mad Catz TES+ Arcade Stick (FWI: I'm not very skilled with this since I don't go to arcades)

January 17th, 2017: DAY 1

Go to my Youtube channel to see my journey unfold

Jan 27th, 2017: DAY 10 (blog #1)

My original plan for this projects was to make a video for each day, but I now see that I can't do that with things like homework and obligations in the way. Instead, I'll try to make a video when the time is available to me, which should be most days. But aside from that, I just made my way to Silver League! If I keep up the pace, I'll make it to Platinum League no problem.

February 3rd, 2017: DAY 17 (blog #2)

I'm halfway to reaching Super Silver League. Starting this Sunday, I'm going to look up frame data to better prepare myself for future battles.

February 5th, 2017 (Frame Data: Akuma)

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1phr4jOfiXuaLxZgE1vk1myee_QK2RqP_M2cmnXOERDE/htmlview# (This link is for every character that got patched)

Health: 875 (lowest health out of every character) -- Standing MK and Standing HP forces stand on hit (both are + on hit/block) -- Air Down MK: Hit/Block advantage if you hit as low as possible -- Forward HP: airborne frames 7-29 *55 frames total -- GoHadoken knocks down up close -- EX Sekia Goshoha causes flame effect up close - Light DP: throw invincible frames (1-3); Medium DP: Strike/Projectile invincible frames (3-6); EX DP: Fully invincible frames (1-15) -- Light Tatsumaki whiffs crouching opponent; other Tatsumakis are lower projectile invincible -- Hyakki Gosho: Block advantage if you hit as late as possible -- DP or RDP + all kicks: 62 total frames, invincible frames 1-50 -- Shun Goku Satsu: Throw

February 10th, 2017: DAY 24 (blog #3)

I'm now starting to feel the actual challenge to this project. The highest rank I've gotten in SFV on my original PSN account was Super Silver League. Making it there means I'm at least in the top 10-12%. People in Silver rank are able to put up a great fight and I need to stay focused if I want to surpass them.

February 12th, 2017 (Akuma Combo potential)

(1) Cr.MP, St.MK, MP+MK=>K, (a) HCF+K=>P (b) QCB+LK, DP+HP [] (2) Cr.HP, VT, HK=>HK, MK, QCB+LK, QCF+P, DP+P, Super [] (3) Forward HP, Cr.LP, EXQCF+P, VT, QCF+P, DP+P, Super [] (4) On block: Cr.MP, St.MK, (a) HCF+LK=>LP+LK (b) HCF+LK =>P [] (5) On enemy jump in: Hit VT and, during VT animation, hit Shun Goku Satsu button sequence []

February 17th, 2017: DAY 31 (blog #4)

I still haven't made it to Super Silver League just yet. I expected to make it there a few days ago, so I'm a little behind schedule. I'm not too worried about this though. If I push myself too hard, I'll only make bad decisions in-game. I just need to go at a pace that works for me and take advantage of my performance when it peaks. This Sunday, I'm going to begin research on troubling opponents to find weaknesses in their attacks.

February 19th, 2017 (Frame Data: Guile)


950 Health and Stun -- Lost crush counter effect on Standing HP, but now has it on Crouching HP -- Target combos are quick and switch from Low to High or Low to Mid -- All unique attacks and target combos are (supposedly) punishable on block -- V-skill is crazy punishable on block -- Sonic Boom through v-skill gives Guile crazy block advantage

February 26th, 2017 (Guile: What to look out for)

(1) If Guile is crouching, NEVER jump forward; stay neutral [] (2) Jab Guile´s unique attacks and target combos on block and follow up with a combo; if the range is too far to punish, don´t get greedy [] (3) When Guile is in knockdown recovery and I am up close, (a) commit to a grab or (b) walk back and bait out a somersault kick; then punish []

March 3rd, 2017: DAY 45 (blog #5)

Mentor Tutorials: Normals

(1) Light attacks have short range but quick start up; Heavy attacks have longer range, but longer start up (2) Priority is the comparison between a character's hitbox (the box where an attack can land) and hurtbox (the box on the character where he/she can be hit) (3) Mid level Attacks must be blocked standing; Low level attacks must be blocked crouching (4) Certain attacks leave enemies in different states (Crouch HK sweeps an opponent, Cammy's target combos sends opponents flying, etc.) These lead to otherwise unlinkable combos (5) Some character's have armored moves, some moves are meant for movement, etc.

Mar 5th, 2017 (Frame Data: Alex)

March 9th, 2017: Day 51 (blog#6)

March 12th, 2017 (Alex: What to look out for)

March 17th, 2017: DAY 59 (blog#7)

I haven't been able to upload anything in the past two weeks, but I will make up for this by combining some footage from those days that I couldn't upload once I come back from spring break. During Spring Break, I will make a montage video displaying my highlights during that time. I will also join SFV communities on PlayStation Network to interact with other players and continue research into other characters' frame data. (Next Character: Nash)

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