My Life By Lilee G

When I was a baby we lived on the south side of madison in a apartment building with my parents and my older brother Jon .My mom never really liked where we lived . So when my mom found out she was have another baby she move as to her mom farm where she was born and raised with 3 sibling not including her . My grandma and I were never really close you could say.But i was very very close with my aunt sam she was like my older sister when I was in 5th grade things with my family started going south.we moved into a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house

When I came home from school one day my mom was home waiting on the porch for me and my brother to walk home from the bus stop. Then I said hi to her and tried to walk into the house then she said Wait for your brother I looked at her weird she said that there's someone Inside I don't want you to see then in tell... my dad walked out he nodded at my mom she got up ruffled my brothers hair my brother looked confused like he just got out off a coma then someone walked out of the house it looked balled when it turned around I was shocked.

My brother said what I was afraid to say my brother said diddy (my aunt nickname is a long story so) she said yes then my mom started to cry so did everyone. then my life turned upside down she had cancer

After 3 years of torture she was clear then when she stop doing the medicine she wasn't clear then she went to the hospital then she went into surgery her brain was bleeding internally then 13 hours later she was in the hospitals bed on life support.

Hospitals saying there's nothing to do just wait

Sunset after Sunset hour after hour day after day night after night family and friends after family and friend crying after crying that happened everyday intell

She was gone

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