Alex Morgan Carlos MANRIQUEz, robert sanchez

Title IX was a law passed by President Nixon. The law states that women must have the same opportunities to succeed as men do. When it translates to sports, this means equal equipment, facilities, and coaching to name a few.

Alex Morgan is an American soccer player born in July 2nd, 1989 in San Dimas. She is a Olympic Gold Medalist(2012) and a FIFA Women's World Cup Champion(2015).

Alex Morgan began playing soccer at a young age, but was never involved in club soccer until she was 14 when she joined Cypress Elite. In high school, she was a three-time All-League pick and an All-American. When she was 17, she was called up to the U-20 United States Women's National Team. She attended UC Berkley, where she lead the team in scoring in her first year. She also lead the team to 4 aperiences in the NCAA Tournament, despite also playing for the national team at the same time. She was the No. 1 Overall pick in the WPS the following year.


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