Causes and Effects of Exploration World History

Cause #1

The desire for new resources by the Europeans caused Exploration. After being cut off from the Silk Road trade route Europe needed a new way of finding resources. Europe wanted from spices to luxury goods and wouldn’t stop until they got their resources. Trade and different resources from other parts of the world were a thing to Europe after they were introduced to them by the Crusades. Europeans didn’t want new things that they discovered to be taken from them. New resources were a pretty big thing for Europe. Desire lead Europe into finding ways to discover new resources, and other countries did too. All this discovering and trying to find resources lead to the Age of Exploration. Exploration became so important to Europe and other countries to find new resources. New technology was made to make exploration easier. Exploration also people famous like Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. Europeans desire to find new resources lead to exploration. Which was a good thing.

Cause #2

Exploration was caused by technology. Technology made everything easier for everyone in the world. Technology has been around for the longest time, everyone benefits from the creation of new technology. It has brought humans so far in life. Technology during the Age of Exploration took a huge step further into modern life. Technology made things easier for explorers to use such as compasses, to help them sail in the right direction. A famous explorer that helped with technology during that time was Ferdinand Magellan. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer, he was tried to sail to the East Indies. But he ended up doing the first circumnavigation of the Earth. When Ferdinand was a child, he studied mapmaking and navigation.

Effect #1

Slavery was an effect of exploration. With all the trading going around the world of slavery was involved. In during the triangle trade between the three countries slaves would be picked up and sent to another country to be sold. Slavery brought a great deal of money for the explorers and their country. Slaves would be made to make the countries product at no cost. Slaves weren't being paid for their forced worked. Slaves were taken from Africa and brought to other countries, mostly America. With the growing of sugarcane in the Americas and the Natives being killed from diseases, a high demand of slaves from Africa was increased. Slaves were demanded to farm and grow the sugarcane farms. So slavery was an effect of exploration, if it wasn’t for exploration slavery wouldn’t have been so big in demand to be forced to work for other people during this time.

Effect #2

Another effect that was caused from exploration was diseases. Before the discovery of the new land by Christopher Columbus that natives lived on had much diseases. The native people weren't dying from diseases until Europeans came along and took their land and spread their diseases from their country. Although Europeans were immune to these diseases the Native people weren't which were very deadly to them. Diseases such as bubonic plague, typhus, chicken pox, cholera, cowpox, measles, and many other diseases were spread to the Americas. From the triangular trade diseases were also spread. Mosquitos were the ones that also helped spread diseases from Africa like the yellow fever and malaria traveling to Europe and the Americas and killing many people. Diseases during the age of Exploration was a huge threat to many people in all countries as many of them died. Exploration had a huge part to do with the spread of diseases during this time which effected many people with killing them.

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