Could Costly Celebrities Cut down on Cash? By Lydia Peterson, April 19th, 2017


My Opinion

I think that celebrities are paid too much because

  1. There is a big pay difference
  2. Celebrities don't work as often as other people
  3. The money spent on celebrities could be going to a better cause

There is a Big Pay Difference

Even being a surgeon, which can be one of the highest paying jobs (with $240,440 a year), can't compare to the pay of the celebrity actress Jennifer Aniston, ($21.000.000,00 annually)

Celebrities Don't Work as Often

While celebrities do have to work, most don't have a steady job they have to go to everyday. For example, most celebrities are actors or actress so they can't be filming a different movie every weekday, just whenever they get a part in a new one.

It Could be Going to a Better Cause

People spend a ton of money to pay celebrities, while all over the world there are tons of less fortunate people. According to "Global Homelessness Statistics" there are as many as 1.6 billion people who lack adequate housing while we spend our money on celebrities instead of helping people like them.

I think that celebrities are paid way too much and this needs to be stopped. As you can tell there is no real reason why that they need to be paid as much as they are.


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