Food or Fuel? By Leighanne Ruvola and Prabhleen Kaur

How it works:

  1. BioFules are made/produced by crops. Instead of using it as a fuel we can use it as food as well.
  2. It's used for powering vehicles. It's usaly mixed with petrol .
  3. When it's burned carbon dioxide is being released.
  4. For crops to grow they need fossil fuels. They are called Fossil fuels because they are made from animals and plants that died million of years ago.
  5. Biofuels are renewable, we can plant more of the crops or grow more of the algae.


Some advantages of biofuels is some biofuels are able to burn giving your home warmth.Some biofuels burn to get energy for engines in cars giving you a faster way to get around. And another way Biofuels are a renewable energy source in that they are created from plants that can be regrown each year. Biofuels also do not require many changes(if any) in cars and other places of use to be utilized. Some consider the use of biofuels as carbon neutral since the carbon produced when burning them is offset by the carbon consumed by the plants they came from. In the United States, biofuels can help reduce the dependence on foreign oils, which fluctuate in price rapidly. Biofuels may help to buffer against the change.


But with Advantages come disadvantages. Some disadvantages of biofuels are that it can be difficult to collect and grow a lot of fuels at once. Another disadvantage of biofuels is that burning biofuels makes greenhouse gasses like fossil fuels. Also, Waste materials from biofuels are not available all year. While some consider their use "carbon neutral," the machniery required to farm the plants for biofuels does create carbon emissions, this machinery is also typically not powered by biofuels. Research suggests despite this fact, that biofuels help to reduce carbon emissions by 50-60%.Biofuel production is closer to being carbon-neutral than using fossil fuels.

Fun Fact:

One of the main detractors to the use of biofuels is that setting aside land for biofuel crops means less land for food production. Some foreign countries have said that it is unethical to use crops for biofuel when global hunger is an ever present problem.


In conclusion, Biofuels are a type of fuel made from living things or their waste. If you were to use biofuels in a vehical, they would be called biodeisel and biothanol. Biofuels are made from crops. Biofuels are not carbon-neutral.


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