Welcome to Massachusetts the bay state

The three largest cities in Massachusetts: Boston (capital), Worcester and Springfeild. Smallest town gosnold


Highest elevation: Mt. Greylock, 3,487 feet above sea level.

Mt. Greylock.

Massachusetts is first in the nation in scallops

a scallop is a sea shell.

Massachusetts is a leading state in cranberries, computers and fishing.

Massachusetts's state bird: chickadee, State flower: mayflower, State tree: American Elm.

Basketball was invented in Massachusetts in Springfeild in 1891.

Pilgrims came to Massachusetts in 1620 on the Mayflower. They suffered alot because of harsh winters when they couldn't get food. The journey on the Mayflower was torturous too. Big storms and high waves were devastating for the crew. Also, drinking dirty water resulted in many diseases that killed the people on the Mayflower.

Mayflower in a torturous storm.

Massachusetts became a state in 1788. It was the sixth state.

Famous people in Massachusetts are Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy and Dr. Suess.

State cookie: chocolate chip cookie. State Horse: Morgan horse. State Dog: Boston Terrier. State insect: ladybug. State Mineral: Babingtonite. State Marine Mammal: Right Whale. State Fish: Cod. State Game bird: Wild turkey.

Massachusetts has 6,692,824 people. Massachusetts is 7,800 square miles large. Massachusetts' manufactured goods are computers, electronics, and chemicals. Farm products: cranberries, poultry, nursery plants, dairy products and vegetables.

State motto: by the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.

Massachusetts' state seal

Climate in Massachusetts is about average. They have warm summers and cold winters. It is about 68 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 27 degrees in the winter.

Now I will show you through a tour of all the famous landmarks of Massachusetts. First Plymouth plantation: a museum that shows how pilgrims lived, then Plymouth rock: where the pilgrims first set foot in America, then Martha's vineyard: a island that is a perfect summer time spot, then the house of the seven gables: the oldest surviving wooden mansion, then lastly the Salem witch museum: a museum that has lots of witch huts, lessons for witchcraft and wizardry and different views of how witches have changed over the years.

Hope you had fun learning about Massachusetts!


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