L'oréal Paris

General Facts//

Swiss food company Nestle owns 1/4 of the company.

Liliane Bettencourt, L'Oréal's main shareholder, is the 10th richest person (and the richest woman) in the world. She has an estimated net worth of $36.4 billion!

They hire mostly woman, 59% of their global managers are woman.

L'Oréal is worth $14.5 billion and is the largest cosmetics and beauty brand in the world.

Most products from L'Oréal has put the health and wellbeing of millions of women at the risk by using cancer-causing ingredients in their products.

Animal testing//

It's been nearly 35 years since L’Oréal has stopped testing on animals.

L’Oréal has been committed to new methods of assessing safety that don’t involve animals.

L'Oréal has been reconstructing human skin models in laboratories to elaborate safety tests since 1979, as an alternative to animals!

In 1989, L’Oréal completely put a halt to testing its products on animals, 14 years before the regulation required so.

So, why is L’Oréal still on PETA's list of companies that test? Well the answer is pretty simple, even though they don't test on animals their products are sold in China, as a result, L’Oréal still figures on the PETA list. In China, the health authorities still require and carry out animal testing for certain products.

Caring consumer logo (PETA)

Unfortunately L’Oréal hasn't got a cruelty-free logo as brands present in China cannot have the logo due to the cosmetics regulation in China.


L'Oréal have been guilty of racial discrimination, after it sought to exclude non-white women from promoting its shampoo.

The company's clothing subsidiary, Ralph Lauren (Polo), was involved in the Saipan sweatshop case where 30,000 garment workers on US territory were abused over the course of 10 years.

L'Oréal also engages in sexist, discriminatory, and unfair labour practices.

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