Murrumburrah Public School NEWSLETTER - Monday 30 NOV 2020 Week 8, Term 4

Our vision is to ensure every child has a sense of belonging to our school and they are confident learners who reach their full potential. We are committed to delivering rich differentiated learning in a nurturing environment.

tribute to mr roy levett

Last Wednesday was a very special day for us. It was our opportunity to say thank you to Mr Levett (Jacko) for all he has done to help us understand our own Wiradjuri cultural history. Jacko is a well respected and proud Aboriginal elder who has so generously shared his knowledge with not only the students at this school, but the Harden-Murrumburrah community for decades.

We hope that this special area, that we dedicated to Aboriginal people past and present, will remain as a reminder of our ancient and rich history of the first Australian and elders like Mr Levett who keep the dream alive.


Dear Families,

As the school year is drawing to a conclusion, it is important for me to let you know I will be taking leave soon and will be on leave for the first half of 2021. Mrs Ford will ably take on the role of Principal and Mrs Beal will fulfil the role of Instructional Leader.

We have been working very closely together to plan for 2021 to ensure a smooth transition of roles. I have every confidence that the school is in great hands and will continue to thrive. I am confident that Mrs Ford and the executive team will continue to enjoy the support of the entire school community. The school will continue to operate in the same way we always have, prioritising students at the center of decisions and actions, while focusing on the wellbeing and growth of our teachers and support staff.

I value the trust you have afforded me to lead educational reforms at Murrumburrah Public and I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you and community members for the incredible work and dedication you have given to this great school. I constantly reflect on what a fabulous team we make and I am humbled by the opportunity to be share each day with you and your children.

Regards, Clare Crawford

principal for a day

Dear Families,

I've got to admit this was definitely the best day of my life, not only did all the school call me "Mr Principal" but I didn't have to do any schoolwork!

Now that I think of it, it would take loads of work to be the Principal and I just got lucky and had my name pulled out of a bag, thanks to my Mum for buying the tickets for me.

My day as the Principal was so much fun, I feel really spoiled to have had so much fun.

Regards, Mr Principal (Tomas Mariani)

At the start of the day I met with Mrs Crawford and some other teachers. My favourite thing about being Principal was taking notes and messages to classes. I also loved not having to do much school work. Pip Jones (Principal for a day)

Pip Jones and Tomas Mariani enjoying their day as 'Principal'

YEAr 6 transition to MHS

A reminder to all Year 6 students who are attending Murrumburrah High School next year - please go directly to MHS tomorrow via your usual means of travel to school, the same will apply at the end of the school day, depart directly from MHS.

Kindergarten 2021 Orientation All Wrapped Up!

Wow! What an incredible group of learners we have had the privilege of getting to know during our MPS Orientation Program. The big smiles, confident approach to school life and willingness to try new things ensured the program was a great success!

The first day was filled with fun and finger painting as students enjoyed reading The Rainbow Fish and learning about how being kind to others can lead to a greater sense of happiness. Students were excited to explore the school and of course, the play equipment was a big hit!

Our second day together saw us learning about the three rules in life, as decided in the book, It’s your world now. From discovering that the world is filled with marvelous things, to understanding that not everything will always go ones way, the children again participated with great enthusiasm. The maturity and respectful nature of the group was noted as they attended the school Remembrance Day ceremony, acknowledging the sacrifice made by so many men and women to ensure we have the opportunities and lifestyle we have today.

Grass head making was a hit on Day 3 and who could forget learning to count in Japanese! Students created bright and fun name mosaics before excitedly having a turn on the iPads and computers.

On our final day together, buddies were again a welcome reason for excitement and there was much anticipation and many smiles during the school NAIDOC Celebration Assembly where we watched cultural dancing and enjoyed seeing a range of artworks created by classes across the school.

The program has received great feedback from students and parents and we sincerely thank parents for the support and positive approach everyone shared in regards to the orientation process. This year has been one like no other and we have been very fortunate to enjoy seeing your wonderful children explore, engage and get excited about their next big chapter in this big adventure called life!

We cannot wait to see your little people officially begin at MPS in 2021 and invite parents to continue to engage and communicate through our Class Dojo where we will share updates and helpful information regarding 2021.

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite parents to a Kindergarten 2021 Parent Information Evening which will be held on Monday 7 December at 6pm and will run for approximately 30 minutes. Come along and meet other parents and enjoy the opportunity to learn more about how we can all best support your child in their learning journey.

Thanks again, Kate Manwaring and Letitia Beal


Mindfulness Matters

Lachlan - "Mindfulness means that I can concentrate and helps me get silly things out of my mind"
Charlie-Sue - "Mindfulness matters because it helps relax and feel ready for learning"

Thank you to Debbie, one of the lovely school bus drivers, for generously donating a delicious Christmas treat to staff and students at MPS.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


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