Welcome to View Shoot Our Agent Portal for image and assignment management

So, just what is View Shoot?

There are numerous steps involved in scheduling, taking and delivering photographs. Over the years we have tried many methods and discussed with other photographers across the country how to best take care of our clients in an efficient and easy manner. View Shoot is what we call this service and we think the best system yet for achieving that goal. Here are the key points of what it does:

  • A single point of contact (web site) for all facets of our work with you, (after you submit your shoot request from our web site)
  • All photo assignments are archived for review and retrieval at any time
  • Password protected so no one else can see your work
  • All pending assignments are shown in a scheduling queue so you can see the status at any time
  • On-line payment provision
  • Branded and unbranded MLS compliant slide show tours of every property
  • Image downloads in convenient ZIP files, both high and low resolution sets

So, how do I get started?

When you schedule your first photo assignment with Showcase Exposure, we set View Shoot into motion and you will get an email asking you to set up a password to use the system. The email will look like this:

Here you will want to click on the big long link, which will take you to View Shoot, where you will select a Password of your choosing. Here is what it looks like:

Just put in any Password you desire, we are not picky. We don't keep a password list so write the password down or commit it memory as we can't retrieve it for you. If you do forget, no worries, you would just click the Forgot Password text and reset it to something new if that occurs.

Don't make the mistake of entering information in the Create an Account fields. Just use the Login area only. We have already taken care of the Create an Account portion for you. If you fill out that area it will cause you to have two accounts and it will start asking you to choose payment plans and other options that don't apply to what we have set up for you. So, ignore Create an Account and just use the Login area

So, the account is set up. How do I get back in?

Its pretty simple from this point. You will log into www.ShowcaseExposure.ViewShoot.com, then enter your password and you are in.

This is what the site will look like when you first log back in. You will see you have your first scheduled shoot in the list. You will see the NOTES section at the bottom of the page. Here is where we list any updates or changes. Here is an example:

Anytime there is a change or added information having to do with a job, we list the changes as an UPDATE with a date and time so you know when the change occurred. When an UPDATE happens, you will get an email letting you know. The email will look something like this:

You can see in the body of the email what the change was so it is not necessary for you to head over to View Shoot, unless you want to. To go there, could just head there with the typical URL of www.ShowcaseExposure.ViewShoot.com or you could just simple click the link in the email to take you there.

Once the shoot is completed, edited and ready for you, you will receive an email letting you know. Now you would head back to the View Shoot site, login and you will see the shoot with all of the images. You can click on any of the images and see a larger view. If there is any problem or issue that you see, please contact us immediately so we can address your concern. Beyond that, if you seeing that your shoot is complete and ready to go, you can select the button to pay for your shoot. You can pay for the shoot in advance but it is not necessary. Your choice.

You would go ahead, input your credit card/debit card information in the required fields and the secure server processes your payment. Immediately upon payment you will receive an email letting you know that your files are ready to be downloaded. You will see four options:

The Small is a ZIP file of MLS sized images. Clicking this button will download the set of images to your computer. The box labeled Full are higher resolution images for use in advertising, such as a Real Estate magazine, brochure or flyer. Again this is a ZIP file and by clicking, it will download to your computer. The other two boxes, Tour (MLS) and Tour (Branded) are slide shows of the photography for that home. The MLS version has the branding removed for compliance. Just copy the URL for this and add it to your MLS listing. The Branded tour has your contact information and would be used in any Social Media advertising you do. Of note here is that there are many different computers out there such as Apple and PC with its various brands and all of the different operating system. If you are using an older computer or an older operating system such as Windows 2000, XP, etc. you may need to check in with your IT or computer person as there may be a couple of additional steps in download the ZIP files. Unfortunately we don't know what computer you are using and its operating system so we cannot answer these questions for you.

Regarding the Still Images

As mentioned above, clicking on the Small or Full blue box will download ZIP files to your computer. There are other options as well. You will see some icons at the top of each image:

The icon on the upper left, the one that looks like two sets of arrows is for rearranging the order of the photographs. In the slideshow, the order you see for the set of photographs is the order they will appear in the slideshow. By clicking and holding on that icon, you can drag the photograph to another location if you desire. When you are done rearranging, click the Save Photo Order button at the bottom of the page. If there is a photograph you want deleted, click the red garbage can on the right side of the image. Want to keep the photo but don't want it in the slideshow, select the green icon that looks like a world and it will keep the photo out of the slideshow. The last icon is the green cloud with the down arrow. Selecting this prevents this photo from being included in the ZIP file when you want to download the set of images.

Our thoughts on Virtual Tours

Over the years we have used various Virtual Tours, slideshows, still images with motion, music backgrounds, etc. Through our follow up with Agents and homeowners, we have come to some interesting conclusions that brought us to our current Tour (slideshow). The fancy Virtual Tours have a "cool" factor but our main goal is engaging the viewer, keeping them interested with the intended result of them wanting to schedule a showing. Prospective homeowners/purchasers have shared that what initially catches their attention is the opening or first image they see. Here what is needed is a great photograph. Catch their interest here, then they will want to see more. Virtual Tours are typically set to music, which can be a distraction. We don't want distractions so we do not set our images to music. Next is the timing. Virtual Tours are set on a new image coming up every three to four seconds. That's too long for a guest half bath and not near long enough for a kitchen image. Forcing them to grab the mouse and find a way to click and stop the Virtual Tour again is a distraction. Our Tour (slideshow) has the viewer advance the image one at a time at whatever speed they want. Less distraction and more engagement. Next is more information on our Tours.

Now, in all fairness, we know some of you love the Virtual Tours that are offered and some brokerages require their Agents to use specific Virtual Tours. We mean no disrespect to any of the great Virtual Tour companies out there and anyones desire to use them. Above we are just sharing our opinion and why we do what we do. Feel free to use our images in any Virtual Tour offering you desire.

Our Tours (Slideshow)

We endeavor to keep the viewer engaged, eliminate unnecessary distractions and give them what they need to really check out the property they are interested in.

MLS Compliant version without agent branding

We provide a large starting image spanning the page with the property location information right there. Under this is a map showing them where the home is situated. Below this is the set of all of the images of the home. With one click of the mouse on any single image, the image comes up full screen in high definition. No fancy layouts, frames or motion set to the image, just great photography. On either side of the image are arrows that let them move forward and backwards at their convenience. Yes, we added an automated option for the images to move forward at 4 second intervals should they choose this option but it is not the default. At anytime, they can select the grid view from the top of the page and go right back to seeing the collection of small images. Simple and easy to navigate without distractions.

Here is the branded version of a Tour

As you can see, we have a headshot photograph of the Agent, their Brokerage, phone number, link to their web site and company logo along with a button for email. Just copy the URL and use this in your Social Media like FaceBook and you are good to go.

That about wraps it up for now

As questions come in from Agents, we will update this document but for now, this should give you a good start to using our system. If it seems a bit overwhelming or you have questions, don't hesitate to call us. This system has been built from the ground up based on input from Agents and Homeowners. After a couple of times using it you will find it very intuitive and quick to navigate. Thank you for choosing Showcase Exposure.

Phone: 208-819-1980 or email: contact@ShowcaseExposure.com

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