Panama lost on the Pacific coast with Brock taylor

When Brock Taylor asked me to go to Panama there was no question to it, yes, I’m in. This is my third time to Central America this year. everytime I go it has been to a different country which has really made it awesome. And each time it seems like the surf has been a little better than the last… Maybe it will always trend that way! In these past three trips Central America has really grown on me and each time I love the food, culture and people even more than the last.

When you pull up to a punchy beach break and this is your front porch view, you know then next ten days are going to be legit.

Brock told me he was going to take me to a little beach break very few people know about or how to get to. I’m always excited to hear those words! I’m even more excited to hear that the time of year we are visiting is the best time of the year to go. Immediately that makes the day dreaming begin and the hype starts flowing. Well Brock was absolutely correct about everything. This hidden gem of a beach break was out in the middle of no-mans land and the surf was on point the entire ten days of our trip. We had offshore winds in the morning with glass off’s in the evening and a steady pulse of 4-6ft swell, a surfers dream trip coming true.

We thought about exploring and driving around to see more of Panama and look for surf during the planning of our trip, but we never had to go look further than the front porch we were staying on for the entirety of it. Every mornings surf checked started with a french press on the porch in our outside kitchen where we could watch the sun reflect off of the waves we were about to go enjoy. It was as easy as that everyday. Wax up and go.

I had the privilege of bringing my wife Tatum along on this trip and she proved herself valuable behind the lens. She spent the days on a beautiful black sand beach under the palms filming for a short edit.

Morning Motion
Brock Taylor amping to get back into the wave he once lived at. This left located on the Pacific Coast of Panama is a sweet hidden secret. Although more and more people are finding it, most days we still had it to ourselves.

Our first morning proved to be one of the better days of the trip. Brock packed so many barrels in nice overhead, clean conditions.

We were fired up.

Tides and wind always play a big role on beach breaks. With the tidal change being at 12ft from low to high we were often left with large amounts of down time during low tide periods. If you are in a place like Panama that is not a bad thing. Waterfalls, hikes, and adventure were around every corner. Sometimes surf trips aren't about surfing as much as they are about seeing the land you are visiting.

Here's a few pieces to the adventure.

Insane sunsets and views of empty beaches. Central America continues to capture our hearts.
Full moon coming up over the Palms.

One of the better adventures we had was finding this restaurant where we had dinner almost every night. An exhausted crew of surfers could go fill up on a huge plate of fresh fish, rice and beans. The fresh Ono steaks were the biggest I've ever seen, and the Ahi was on point. Pick anything on the menu you were going home full and very happy.

Sorry, not naming this place (secrets) but if you ever find yourself wondering panama and stumble on this restaurant, order the fish.

Dinners like that kept us charging.

Korban Kirk.
Chase Douchette
dealing with the humidity down there was difficult. Trying to keep the photo gear clean and dry was almost impossible. With little to no ways to actually clean something it was a struggle for me to keep the moisture out of my ports, shooting for 6+ hours a day didn't really help.. but, my trusted SPL did the job with very little interference.

In the last two days a new swell filled in, the winds cooperated, and things really got fun. Just a notch larger than what it had been, there were a few more moments to really soak this place in.

Perfect A-Frame coaxing us out there.
the last morning waking up to find some pretty mental conditions.
Stay Golden.
Brock under a full moon.
Tatum Harrington
Morning Coffee and Surf Check.

Down time on a trip = Food and Chill.

Breaking it down.

Tatum made herself a resident of many hammocks during her stay in Panama, the right call to make.
Brock decided to get a hair cut...
and he trimmed his leg hair for better sunscreen application.
We spent a lot of time in the water.
Matt showed us circus acts.
Daniel checked the surf every 1 minute from the porch of his hostel.
I played with my waterhousing.
We drove by fires on the road.
and found boats on the beach.
I grew a beard.
Tatum and Matt smiled a lot especially before a nice fish dinner.
We witnessed an amazing sunset every evening.
Brock Surfed some more...
Tatum read a couple books.
Brock ate a lot of food, mostly granola and yogurt.
Tatum made the beach look good.
Our porch gave us a perfect front row viewing.
We went for long walks and soaked up the surroundings.
Brock took full advantage of the hammocks as well.
And we enjoyed the many views of this beautiful place.
We never had to leave this beach other than for food, water and drinks. You see why, who would leave?
Lolo Bellorin, local favorite enjoying some time in the barrel.
Chase Douchette
Lolo Bellorin in clean, big beach break doing work.
Leo Remo finding some shade in front of his beach hostel.
Lolo standing tall.
This is the right view.

Brock and I spent a lot of time trying to link up for this shot. Beach breaks are tricky to shoot especially when its big. The currents, mostly rips, just make a good line-up very hard to do. Persistence paid of for us in the long run.

You've seen the photos, now watch the edit.

A huge thank you to Tatum for spending so much time behind the lens and really nailing a lot of solid shots.

Brock Taylor. Don't look back or you may never leave.

Thanks so much for taking a look at our Panama trip. We hope you enjoyed and feel a little inspired to get out there yourself.

See you in the water.

A special thank you to Matt Roy, aka Barba Roja, for the rides, housing, and expert guidance. You're the man.

Photography & Edit by Nathaniel Harrington - - @natehphoto

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