2019 MNA Thanksgiving Offering Mentoring Leaders for Our Diverse Communities

We want to mobilize our congregations to show compassion and mercy to the poor in ways that are effective and life-changing. To that end, we must raise up leaders in poor communities and send gospel driven ministers to such places. Each year we ask that you give generously to the Thanksgiving Offering so that we can encourage, train, and motivate new leaders to help the poor, share Jesus, and grow the church in communities of need. We do this through small grants that help churches – like the ones you will read about here – employ part-time or seasonal staff, supplement their benevolence funds, or strategically invest in someone who wants to make an impact for Jesus.


Leading worship at Urban Hope

Alton Hardy is the pastor of Urban Hope in Fairfield AL, right outside of Birmingham. Alton has a burning desire to reach and disciple young African American men. Pastor Hardy was born in Selma AL and was raised without a dad. At age 12 he, his mom, and his siblings moved to Louisville. At 13 he had to move again to live with his sister in Michigan. In Michigan he came to Christ after his first son was born. He began to read books about Reformed theology and was ordained as an Evangelist in the Christian Reformed Church. The Lord placed a burden on his heart for African American young men. Alton and his wife Sandra were recruited by Jason Williams of Briarwood PC to move to Alabama and plant a church.

Sandra and Alton Hardy

Fairfield is a depressed community with many urban problems. Now that he has been in Fairfield for six years, the Lord is opening doors for an outreach ministry to Fairfield High School, particularly to the football and basketball teams. Please pray for this young church in a very challenging place as the Lord raises up disciples of his grace.


Dan Quakkelaar preaching at Friend of Sinners

Dan Quakkelaar is the pastor of Friend of Sinners church in Milwaukee WI. Dan and his wife Sherry started this mission church in 2014 and began public worship services in 2016. They moved into a neighborhood close to zip code 53206, one of the worst neighborhoods in the nation.

Dan Quakkelaar

In the last year the congregation has steadily grown to an attendance of 40. One of the stories Dan tells is about a young white woman who joined the church. She had tried to take her own life. As she recovered in the hospital, a young African American man she knew from high school paid a visit and told her about Jesus. She said, “You mean Jesus is real? I thought he was just a swear word.” Dan is excited about sharing Jesus with people who don’t know him, and seeing them coming to Christ.


The neighborhood of Roxbury, near Boston

Logan Keck is the pastor of Christ the King–Roxbury and Jamaica Plain (neighborhoods in the city of Boston MA). Logan and his wife Mellissa and their 4 young children live in Roxbury. They are a congregation of Christ the King in Cambridge MA, a PCA church with multiple locations in the Boston metro area. They began public worship services in 2013 in the Jamaica Plain community, then moved their worship services into Roxbury in 2017 and now have about 50 people in attendance.

Logan Keck

Pastor Logan is thankful to see new people coming over this last year, especially some college students from a local music school. He has seen a new connection with a local “Sober House” and is excited to teach Bible studies to people who don’t know the Lord. As with all of our church plants in poor urban communities they struggle for the resources to bring on more staff and to extend their outreach. Pray for God’s blessing on them to raise up new leaders and provide resources for ministry.

We ask you to prayerfully consider a donation to the Thanksgiving Offering. Pray that your congregation will be mobilized to take up a special collection. Talk with others about the Offering, so that they may be inspired to give. We have been given much and the Thanksgiving Offering provides an opportunity to share these blessings. We encourage you to be part of the answer to the prayer Jesus told us to pray, “Pray the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:38).

Order copies of the brochure to distribute to your congregation

You can order free copies of the Thanksgiving Offering brochure to distribute at your church, Sunday school, or prayer group. We encourage pastors to preach a sermon that includes the mission of the Thanksgiving Offering, and then take up an offering as a congregation. Individual contributions are also welcome. Your gift will play a significant role in training those who will minister among the many ethnic groups in North America.

Or send checks made out to Mission to North America and designated for Thanksgiving Offering to: Mission to North America, PO Box 890233, Charlotte NC 28289-0233

Thank you on behalf of those who will feel the blessing of God through your gifts. Your contributions are being well used to support some of the most exciting and dynamic ministries and people working in some of the most challenging places in North America. On behalf of the many people who have been helped by your generosity, we thank you. May the Lord bless you for it.

For more information about MNA, visit our website at pcamna.org.