Living with Multiple Sclerosis

My mother which is Tonya was Diagnosed 4 years ago.

Her Symptos that lead her to the emergency room,she had a strong sharp pain beginning in her arm causing the arm to go numb that later moved towards her back later. Throughout her experince the pain began to start towards her left side which she began to think the cause of the pain could have been her heart. She saw multiple doctors however they kept misdisagnosing her this meant that she could have had Multiple Sclerosis for years and she had no idea that she was ill.

This picture is compared to a normal brain verse a brain with MS however the picture on the left is an example of Servere Ms every patient that has MS is different some have relapsing MS or they have the example in this picture which is servere.
However before the symptoms my mother used to recive major headachess including head shaking which doctors told her it was essential termors, Doctors also misdisagnosed her by telling her that she had neuropathy because of the numbness she experienced in her leg, later on the explained to her that she was a diabetic (which was not true) which affected her greatly while her being a full time mom everything began to change in our life when she was diagnosed we knew nothing about the diease it's self and what it was capable of.
TIll this day My mother remains as healthy as a MS patient can be to my knowlege meanwhile she is currently medication of Aubagio and she has a neuorlogist in hurst that she constantly vists about her health information regarding MS. Till this day she quotes she remains to fight for her " childern and her family overall"
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