Uniquip Arua Uganda, Africa

Even before we all arrived in Arua, God was speaking that it was a new season for East Africa – a time to release a new generation of leaders and see a wave of multiplication.

Hosted at their beautiful, large base, YWAM Arua has a focus to mobilize missionaries into the war-torn nations surrounding them. Starting back in 2003, God said they would be as a “bridge of healing to the nations”. Many African missionaries are sent out from here to South Sudan, D.R. Congo, northern Uganda, as well as many other nations.

African worship is so vibrant and alive! Interspersed through all of our meetings, we enjoyed many times of exalting Jesus together and dancing to express our hearts to our Father who loves and accepts us.

A repeating theme throughout the week was that the University of the Nations was born out of the Spirit of God – it is a tool for disciplining the nations – it is still being shaped by God – it is YOURS!

Two metal chairs were set up on the stage to illustrate how it began with a conversation between Loren Cunningham and Howard Malmstadt back in 1978. God had spoken to both of them separately about His plan for a university and when they met, they discovered this and began working together to form it.

After learning about the difference between the Hebrew and Greek style of education, we spent time at our tables sharing our personal experiences of education – and we prayed for healing for one another. Many of us have been wounded by the education style we were part of – shamed, told we were stupid, punished in front of others, held back with no reason, refused entrance to the next level, etc. Thank God that His purpose for education is to disciple us and enable us to discover in a safe environment.

In order to include and encourage the next generation of young YWAMers, we had 3 different campfires one evening with storytelling. When we hear the stories of how our older leaders had to step out in faith and trust God to move on their behalf, we realize that we can also learn to trust God step by step – we can also listen, obey and not give up!

YWAM Uganda has and continues to have a focus on impacting the sphere of Education in the nation. Training teachers in curriculum based in God’s biblical values, as well as working to get government recognition of our U of N courses is vital to achieve lasting impact. As a prophetic prayer and statement, the teachers formed a spearhead with the rest of us behind. We walked forward as we interceded for God to open doors and opportunities to impact education in Uganda. Faith is rising to see this happen!

During Saturday worship God led us to break a spirit of slavery, holding us in bondage. We’re no longer slaves to fear – we are children of God! The rest of the day was spent rehearsing and then holding the Graduation ceremony for 17 graduates.

What a wonderful way to recognize the hard work of the graduates and to celebrate the completion of their degrees! The testimonies given inspired all of us to look to God to lead the way and trust Him to provide what we need to be equipped for ministry. God used the process of learning to shape and disciple each graduate. And each of us left with new hope and faith.

Revelation and a resolve to change came after watching and discussing Tom Bloomer’s video on Transactional versus Transformational Leadership. Each of us can apply it to our own history and situations; each of us can receive a new way to give leadership and understanding in how to be under leadership. God’s ways ARE so much higher and better than ours!