How America Started In 5 parts by Barron Farshid

In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean and found America. He arrived in the Americas in October 1492. He left Spain with three ships. This us start the US start because we finally found our own "plot" of land to start our country.

The Jamestown Colony Was important for the Young USA, because it was the first successful colony for the USA. It was started in 1607. 105 colonists departed from England in three ships the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery. John Smith one off the captains became the first president for Jamestown. At first they were attacked by Indians, but Chief Powhatan of the Powhatan empire traded with Jamestown for our metal tools and their food. Sometimes they would bring us little gifts.

The declaration of independence was one of the most important part of making the US. It declared us free from England forever! It was written and signed in 1776.

The Treaty of Paris was signed September 3, 1783, and the Congress of Confederation ratified the treaty on January 14, 1784. It Officially set the Young Colonies free. It was the treaty that ended the Revolutionary war.

The Louisiana purchase was bought in 1803. It was a total rip for France, we got 827,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi river and the Mississippi river! Also For 15 million dollars. And that much land doubled are young Country. But it was kind of Illegal because Thomas Jefferson can't buy land land without permission from the house of Rep. It helped us start the U.S because it gave us more space so we would not be a small helpless country.
Those are the Very important things that started the United States of America in 5 parts.
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